God-Given Talent or Acquired Skill? How Footballers Achieve Success

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Some players rely on their talents in the game, while others work hard to acquire the skills, and then there are those that effectively utilize both.

There are those players that we know to be superstars in terms of football. But the question is how do they acquire that prominent status? Football is their mean of providing for themselves, so one ponders whether they were born with a gift that so easily translates onto the pitch, or whether they work hard for hours during excruciating training session?

Many athletes would wisely remark that talent is nothing without the proper training and guidance. Raw talent may only add up to 10 percent of the overall footballing skill, while rest of the 90 percent is acquired through training. None of these guys would have made it to World Cup Brazil 2014 without ridiculous amount of work.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Currently, Ronaldo is the only footballer that combines the best of both words. He incorporates talent and skill in every game that he plays. He maintains the full 10 percent of talent and the complete 90 percent of skill. Every aspect of his game is perfect. He truly is the only all-round player in the world.

Ronaldo – combination of talent and skill

Puyol – skill overruled talent

Ronaldinho – pure talent, but lacked motivation to train

He, who is a proven talent, also acknowledged that practice is the main secret to his success. He claims that without constant practice, a player can never become truly great. A player must sacrifice his time on the training ground, if he wants to achieve greatness.

Online gambling sites in Portugal are all vying for their main man. Many sportsbooks are offering betting options, whereby Ronaldo will be the potential top scorer of the tournament. Considering his terrific form throughout the previous season, it is safe to say that placing a wager on that particular bet is virtually a guaranteed win.

At the World Cup in Brazil this year, he will lead Portugal where they will fight for the ultimate glory.

Lionel Messi

The Magician is the only player in history to have won FIFA Ballon d’Or in four consecutive years. When he graces the ball, it sticks to his feet like glue. When he passes defenders, it appears as if anyone could it, because it looks so easy.

When he was four, he was given the ball, and from then on he didn’t sway from it. His talent in football is beyond measure. But even Messi admitted that without hours and hours of practice would not have guaranteed the vast success he enjoys today.

This year Ronaldo has finally overtaken him, but he nevertheless trails closely behind. Along with Ronaldo, Messi will be one of the main footballers at the World Cup 2014 to watch out for, as they fight for the only remaining trophy neither one of them has so far claimed.

Carles Puyol

Puyol is one player that has always persevered, no matter what trouble faced him. He is the epitome of a hard-worker. He himself recognized that he’s not a great talent, but rather employs a pedantic approach to football. He maintained a strong work ethic, by constantly trying to perfect his moves and defending skills.

He once stated, “I don’t have Romario’s technique, Overmars’ pace or Kluivert’s strength. But I work harder than the others. I’m like the student who is not as clever, but revises for his exams and does OK in the end.”

For him, lack of talent did not prevent him from realizing his footballing potential. He is proof that practice and skill can overrule talent, if it is carried out with correctly and repeated countless times.


When Ronaldinho was in his prime, without a doubt, anyone could clearly see that his touch and movement on the ball was pure talent. However, since he relied on talent, he would often not concentrate and work as hard in training.

He was not entirely dedicated to the game, as at certain times he would lack motivation to play against smaller sides.

Up to a year ago, mobile betting firms were offering odds on Ronaldinho featuring in the World Cup, however Brazil’s manager, Luis Felipe Scolari, has decided to not to call him up for national duty. Nevertheless, it is truly a shame audiences world-wide won’t have one last chance to be entertained by the great maestro, who brought smiles on millions of faces.

Some young players at times believe that their immense talent will grant them the football opportunity they have always dreamed of, when in fact in the end it leads them to achieving nothing.

And then there are players who stay for extra hours after training session, just so they can master their playing game, and be able to fully understand the game.

Overall, talent is necessary for a player, in order to create him into a superstar. But that talent must be nurtured with repeated mechanisms that will teach him how to properly play the ball. His talent will grant him the ability to control the ball in difficult situations without much effort.

Nevertheless, many times players can overcome their talent disadvantages if they work hard during training session.

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