Foreign Gambling Sites in Switzerland May Soon be Blocked

Posted: January 20, 2017

Updated: October 6, 2017

Some big changes may be coming to the Swiss gambling industry, as foreign gambling sites in Switzerland may soon be blocked by the government.

Reports have surfaced that the Swiss government may soon introduce legislation that requires all internet service providers to block foreign gambling sites in Switzerland. This includes all sites that have not been licensed in the country.

Earlier in the month, Switzerland’s Council of States gave its proposal for the plans. Most of the local Swiss gambling companies stated their approval of these new Swiss gambling laws, as they feel it will help their market.

Many of the major ISP’s in Switzerland, however, have voiced their disapproval with these plans, stating their business will suffer financially as a result.

It’s not clear yet whether the law to block these online gambling sites will actually take effect. Until an official decision is made, online gambling fans in Switzerland have access to a wide range of great sites.

Popular Online Gambling Sites in Switzerland

Many of Switzerland’s population loves to gamble online, and locals here are able to access many of the most popular internet gambling sites in the world.

In terms of online casinos in Switzerland, there are many choices. NetBet Casino is a great option for players, as they offer all of the most popular casino games including online slots for money, table games, and have one of the best live casino game features in the world.

There are also a large number of great sports betting sites in Switzerland. BetVictor is one of the most popular. They provide their members with a massive list of sports betting options, and offer one of the best welcome promotions you can find today.

Do you think foreign gambling sites in Switzerland will be banned in 2017? How will this affect the gambling industry here? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below!

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