Forgotten Casino Prizes: Arizona Tourist Hit Jackpot in LA

  • Treasure Island Casino had a malfunctioning slot machine
  • The Nevada Gaming Control Board does its best to ensure safety
  • Forgotten casino prizes soon to be claimed by the winner
Forgotten Casino Prizes

According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, after exhaustive research, they found out that there were forgotten casino prizes in one of the LA casinos. The prizes were a jackpot worth $230,000 on January 28, 2022. Every gambler’s dream is to hit the jackpot and receive its charming reward. But the dream can quickly turn into a nightmare. There are occasions when the casino refuses to pay due to a slot malfunction. In this story, the opposite happened. The malfunction failed to inform the casino and the player about the winnings. If you fear the myths about casino scams, then you should visit any of our online casino sites in the US. They are the safest and most reliable casinos you could trust. If you ever face a casino error, always keep in mind that you should contact the staff for safety, to avoid having forgotten casino prizes.

Forgotten Casino Prizes

If you are following our casino news, then you might have heard about the woman who hit the jackpot due to a malfunctioning slot machine. But since she was winning due to a bug, she was only offered an expensive steak meal as compensation. One might think that her story is going to be repeated. But it is refreshing to know that the Nevada Gaming Control Board is ensuring the fairness of casino malfunctions. After their search, they identified a gambler who played at Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. The malfunctioning machine met a communication error and failed to notify the casino workers and the winner, Robert Taylor about hitting the jackpot of $230,000. Therefore, he had a huge fortune awaiting him as forgotten casino prizes.

What Happened Before the Forgotten Casino Prizes

When the malfunction happened, the Casino paid him $40 which he placed into the machine. This is likely going to be reduced from his overall winnings.

Forgotten Casino Prizes
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Because even if they returned the money he placed it into the slot machine. He already hit the jackpot which makes him eligible for the $230,000. This made him leave behind his forgotten casino prizes. But the integrity of LA casinos will never fail to satisfy the community of gamblers. Because of this, they began a rather exhaustive investigation to find the winner, so they can inform him about his forgotten casino prizes that are waiting for him at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino.

Arizona Tourist Hit Jackpot in LA

According to CNN Travel, on January 8, 2022, Robert Taylor visited the Treasure Island Casino and played a slot machine. Winning $230,00 Jackpot, he was not notified of his winnings. By the time they found out about the error. He was already at home in Arizona. The Casino and the commission didn’t let Taylor’s winnings go to waste. So they did an exhaustive search, including watching surveillance video analysis, questioning witnesses, tracking transactions, and even researching rideshare data with the courtesy and cooperation of the Nevada Transportation Authority. After two weeks of hard research, Agent Dan Naqui of the Nevada Gaming Control Board ensured the trust of public gambling. And managed to track the Arizona tourist, Robert Taylor who won the jackpot.

What To Do To Avoid Having Forgotten Casino Prizes

The important step to take when you are visiting a casino is to have patience. This advice is a must for both online casinos and retail slot machines. Because these malfunctions are often the result of a jackpot. Whether you are on the winning or losing side of the jackpot. Always make sure to wait until the casino staff does the research.

Forgotten Casino Prizes
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Because if you are patient, you might just receive a huge check into your hand, claiming that you just won a six-digits prize. It would be a pity for these six-digits to turn into forgotten casino prizes. On most online casinos, you will see a ‘contact us’ or a customer support service. Do not hesitate to attempt communication with the staff if an error occurs.

Robert Taylor Returns To Claim Forgotten Casino Prizes

The case coalition of Treasure Island Casino and Nevada Gaming Control Board tracked Robert Taylor. After notifying him of his winnings, they arranged his return to Los Angeles so he may claim his winnings at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. According to the Washington Post, this wasn’t a scamming attempt from the casino. The malfunctioning slot machine was displaying the screen: “Resolving progressive prize. Please wait.” Taylor and his family were waiting for the staff to resolve the problem, but they had a dinner reservation. Because of this, they left, thinking that they didn’t win anything due to the malfunctioning machine. As a result of this investigation, Robert Taylor is returning to Los Angeles to claim his forgotten casino prizes.

Where to Play Online Casinos

Retail and online casinos have never been as safe as it is now in 2022. Visit Cocoa Casino and play with a 100% bonus up to $1,000 after your registration. If you find a malfunction in any of the casino games, do not forget to always contact customer service. Because you might have just won the jackpot. And you don’t wish to leave your forgotten casino prizes behind. If you ever faced a slot machine malfunction, you should try to reach out to the casino to research the history of the game. Always be patient when it comes to malfunctions, because most of the time, a malfunction happens due to the jackpot. The reason is that a jackpot is likely programmed to check the validity of the winning, and the malfunctioning might be caused due to the calculation of the payout.

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