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Posted: March 10, 2023

Updated: March 10, 2023

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We dedicate this article to cover the funniest poker players from all over the world. Some dress up as Gandalf and Dart Vader at the final table of the WSOP. However, others leave the table to sit down at the European Parliament as politicians. From Lovecratian mind manipulators to just guys who get angry at the television. You will find everything and even a guy we don’t even know sharing his story on Reddit. Listen while playing.

In this article we are going to talk about the funniest poker players of all times. Therefore, this is a long list of community favorites. If you are new to poker but you want to know everything. Then this article is a must. Because these people are core parts of the community. They fill out the entertainment part of the whole poker industry.

Furthermore, they are really good players. But to not only talk about the most successful people, we are also going to mention the best Reddit story I have ever read about poker. In the meantime, you should register at the online poker sites in the UK to start playing today. Who knows? You might even meet one of these hilarious poker figures.

Phil Hellmuth – Funniest Poker Players

Phill Hellmuth is one of the most iconic figures in the world of professional poker. Everyone knows his name and even his facial expressions are funny. However, there is an even funnier side to him when it comes to losing. Whenever he loses he becomes so upset it’s just amazing to watch. Furthermore, Phill Hellmuth is a real showman. Obviously, he plays his role for television.

Funniest Poker Players
Picture Source: Flickr

Which just shows how much of a great opportunist he is. Because he took great risks such as marching into the WSOP main table dressed up as Dath Vader. Thanks to this, people will forever remember him. According to Cardmates he dressed up as Gandalf before he did Darth Vader.

Danel Negreanu 

According to Cards Chat, Daniel Negreanu is the most common name among the funniest poker players. I personally agree with the community. However, I believe he is not only fun but also entertaining. The main reason why people love him is due to the fact that he always speaks his mind during the table. This leads to strange explanations which also serves as a nice distraction for other players. Furthermore he is very polite and talkative.

Basically this guy is a bundle of joy in the heart of the poker community. He also looks like the perfect person to sit around the table. He is fit, he is well dressed, yet he still has a laid back attitude and style a poker player must have. Register at Bet365 Poker while you are listening to him talking.

Tom Dwan

If you are the type of guy who loved Slytherin from Harry Potter, then Tom Dwan is your poker player. Because he is one of the funniest poker players if you enjoy deception and bluffs.

Therefore, it’s more like watching a Criminal Psychology Youtube video instead of listening to dad jokes. Nonetheless, Tom Dwan is basically the bad guy everyone loves. Furthermore, he is known for making people angry.

His poker nickname is “Durrrr” to make people upset whenever they lose against a guy called “Durrrr”. This explains the interactions between him and others as well. Whenever he is around, people are no longer the most beautiful poker players. Because oh boy he knows how to make people’s faces red.

Will Kassouf – Funniest Poker Players

Will Kassouf is one of those gray area poker players. Maybe you will love him, but maybe you will think he is doing one of the worst poker strategies. Because his main style consists of talking non-stop. This way he distracts people and puts words into their brain which makes them call the bad decision. People actually debate whether it is a fair strategy or not. Nonetheless, if you look at this guy, you already know he is a goofy mastermind.

In conclusion, if you enjoy some psychology then this is your guy. Because his whole strategy admittedly consists of getting under the opponent’s skin. This way you can understand what makes them angry, anxious and what makes them react in a different way. This way you can read whether they are bluffing or not. This strategy is of no vein, but it is still questionable.

Antanas Gouga – Funniest Poker Players

I am unsure whether should I call him Sir Mep Gouga or rather just Tony G. Because this guy is a Lithuanian-Australian professional poker player, politician, philanthropist, businessman and who knows what else. It doesn’t surprise me that a politician plays poker.

Funniest Poker Players
Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons

Because you can see the rappers who play poker having a bunch of fun with the game as well. Nonetheless, Tony G is not only a liberal politician, but a great person to listen to.

While sitting at the table, he usually makes people angry with his style. Which is extremely fun to see especially due to the fact that he has a seat in the European Parliament. Truly a genius man and you should definitely watch his old tables. 

That One Friend Of A Redditor

Finally, we are closing this article by giving you one of the most hilarious stories I have ever heard. This guy is one of the funniest poker players but we don’t even know his name. According to Reddit, one of the user’s friends had a bad beat of losing a series of pokers.

He became angry and stood up from the table, tossing his cards all over the place. After the outburst he just stared at a certain person, and he just insulted him angrily: “Nice hair.” Then he left the table. You can meet these unknown legends by registering at Bet365 Poker.

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