How To Recognize A Good Gambler – 6 Core Traits


Posted: March 9, 2023

Updated: March 9, 2023

  • What makes a gambler stand out?
  • Are there gamblers in your family and friends?
  • How to recognize a good gambler

This article will focus on discovering methods on how to recognize a good gambler. Therefore, we have collected the positive attributes that stand out. All you have to do is to notice small signs of these common traits and you will know that the person is gambling. And if they are not gamblers? Well that means they have an undiscovered skill for gambling games. However, you can become a good gambler by cultivating these skills.

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If you play any gambling games, then you probably thought about this before. What if I know the person I meet at the online poker sites in the US? Because sometimes we don’t even know who plays at the same place as we are. For example, I just learned that one of my best friends loves online casinos. Once I knew he did, it all clicked and I realized that his personality perfectly fits a gambler. This article seeks to collect the good qualities of gamblers. To teach you how to recognize a good gambler.

If someone you know matches the image, then they are probably a fan of poker, slots, betting or roulette. Because these games satisfy the personality type. Of course, gambling is cool as long as you are playing with responsibility. Therefore, you should always stay gambling aware.

Always Thinking In Possibilities

The first sign for gambling proficiency is an entrepreneur mindset. According to NFTE, critical thinking and problem solving is the first sign of a good entrepreneur. However, if we exclude the business title from the sentence it perfectly fits a gambler too.

How to recognize a good gambler
Picture Source: Pexels

This is not the only among the many common traits of gamblers and entrepreneurs. If you wish to learn how to recognize a good gambler, then open your ears to ideas.

However, there is a contrast to the entrepreneur mindset. For example, a person who is good at gambling wants to find a way of generating cryptocurrencies, instead of buying them. But good gamblers are never superstitious. Which means that they will not waste time with silly ideas like creating a new bank from $5. 

Not Afraid Of Risks – How To Recognize A Good Gambler

The second hint that your friend is an excellent gambler is the way they approach risk. Because we can clearly see who is a bad gambler. If an opportunity comes, and a person is hesitant to approach. They are probably bad gamblers. It’s good to be observative and considerate. However, a good gambler is always thinking sharp at the moment. Which means that they have no time to sleep on it.

Therefore, a good gambler always takes risks for a maximum of 10 minutes. Which means that they care more for winning percentage than the chance to lose. This trait is not about winning all the time. This is about thinking ahead, and considering the loss into the grand scheme of things. Register at Everygame Poker to start playing games today.

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Mindful And Observative

Yes, I know. So far it seems you need to see a hyper person if you wish to understand how to recognize a good gambler. But this is not the case. Because most of the gamblers know how to switch their mind modes. You can approach this sentence scientifically. This would translate to the simple act of reserving energy for monetary opportunities. However, gamblers also need a piece of mindfulness.

According to Huffpost, mindfulness meditation plays an important role in poker. Obviously, not all people are gifted with the opportunity to meet the Dharma. However, it doesn’t prevent anyone from learning one of the most basic meditations. This is called Satipattana or better known as the westernized Mindfulness meditation. If you are a gambler, I personally recommend you to research Indian and Tibetian methods instead of American ones.

Social And Adaptive – How To Recognize A Good Gambler

Moving on to the great gambling traits, this is one of the most crucial. Because an antisocial person will never be a successful gambler. Of course, luck plays a quintessential role in the game. But generally a silent person will not last long in a full-time poker career. You have to listen to every person you meet, and you will have to understand opportunities. In fact, you want to get to know people.

How to recognize a good gambler
Picture Source: Pexels

According to Reddit a semi-professional poker player has to understand their opponent. This is why many pros are acting obnoxious at the table. Because they want to know what things trigger and distract the other person. Of course, you don’t have to be a jerk. Because many of the most inspiring gamblers interact with people in a nice way. But if your friend adapts to all life situations like a chameleon? Yes, they are great poker players.

A Love For Technology

How to recognize a good gambler? Another sign of having a natural skill for gambling is love for technology. Obviously, there will always be old heads who prefer to play poker the good old way. But if you look at these people, they always have a new phone. Furthermore, they use all social media sites and they have the smart equipment. Of course, they do not have to be tech savvy. But they have the basic equipment. The reason behind this is the fact that all of the professional WSOP winners have started with online poker sites.

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This is why I recommend you to register at Everygame Poker. Because you can meet other poker players by playing online. In fact, nowadays you can not get into the WSOP events without winning an online mini tournament. But I would recommend checking the WSOP rules out on their website for that.

Not James Bond – How To Recognize A Good Gambler

Finally, we have reached the most important part of the article. Because it is a common misconception that gamblers are elegant and good looking. But in reality, you just have to look at Chris Moneymaker and other poker phenomena. I am not calling these people ugly, don’t get me wrong. But they are just normal people, with great luck and an entrepreneur mind. You shouldn’t expect a professional poker player to wear an expensive suit and a rolex.

In conclusion, gamblers are normal people. However, if you noticed any of the signs listed in this article. Then odds are that you or your friends would have fun with a match of poker.

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