Funny Novelty Bets at the Best Online Sportsbooks

Donald Trump Funny Novelty Bets

Enjoy the funny novelty bets offers at the most famous online sportsbooks and win huge money prizes on unbelievably dumb wagers!

Have you ever thought that betting on a man’s penis size would ever become possible? Would you even think about it before being given the opportunity to put money on someone’s private parts? If the answer is yes, we might have nothing new to say to you. If your answer is no, you might enjoy our collection of weird and funny novelty bets offers at the best online sportsbooks in the world!

For funny novelty bets, just go to Paddy Power

Paddy Power is always a good choice for someone who is seeking funny novelty bets. The Irish online sportsbook has a great sense of humour when it comes to novelty betting. For example, can you imagine any other site where you could bet on the size of Donald Trump’s penis? See, that’s one of the many things you can place a bet on at Paddy Power.

Funny Trump picture

According to Trump “there’s no problem” with his size (photo:

They didn’t really mock Trump as the best odds are on an average size for the wannabe US President. However, they do like to make some funny novelty bets to mock some celebrities. Let’s take the novelty bets on Andy Murray’s child as an example: will Baby Murray lose more Australia Open finals than her daddy? The odds are in favour of Andy not raising a loser as Paddy Power would pay 251.00 (250/1) if she lost more than the father.

In addition, you can also bet on the weather at Paddy Power which is completely rational. What’s more unpredictable than the weather? Maybe only women, but that’s an even bigger risk. Do you want to bet on Taylor Swift’s new boyfriend or the date when alien existence will finally be proven? Paddy Power, that’s where you can literally bet on anything!

Are you a sexist? Join Coral Spotsbook and bet on genders!

Are you one of those people who believe that men are generally better at something than women, just because they are men? Or the other way around, women are better just because of what is between their legs? Sign up for a new account and enjoy the novelty betting offers at Coral Sportsbook, where you can bet on gender of the winner!

By today, there is nothing special about X Factor betting, it’s also available at Coral. However, you can bet on the gender of the Strictly Come Dancing competition’s winner, as well as the gender of BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2016. Men or women? It’s all up to you. Of course, betting on genders is not only the privilege of the sexists, so feel free to play here!

Bet on Justin Bieber, the Kardashians and Wiz Khalifa to star in the new Pokemon movie!

Special bets at online sportsbooks in the UK are always fun. You can check out the funny novelty bets at Betfair as well, you might find some you like. For example, you can bet on wrestling. Do you think a referee will be knocked down? Betfair believes “No” is more likely of an outcome, but betting on the underdogs is more fun anyways, especially if you win!

Kardashian pokemon

Kim Kardashian is actually a huge Pokemon fan

You can also bet on the new Pokemon movie that is expected to come out soon. A while ago, we wrote about the possibility to bet on Pokemon Go at Sportsbet and now you can bet on the new movie at Betfair. Hollywood is sure to give us a quality stuff, like they do all the time.

Who will star in the new film Justin Bieber? Wiz Khalifa? Or any other world class actor or actress, like any of the Kardashians Maybe some actual talents like Jennifer Lawrence or Daniel Radcliffe would give their names to the wannabe franchise? We’ll see soon, and until then you can risk some money and hope to win!

Bet on Australia’s sexual activity at Sportsbet!

We’ve briefly mentioned Sportsbet already when we talked about Pokemon Go betting, but they offer all kinds of kinky and weird things to bet on. Okay, I’m not saying you can bet on how many Chinese prostitutes will offer their services to you when in Australia, but you can guess the country’s sexual activity: When do you think Australia’s population will reach 25 million? This year is the least likely one with 501.00 (500/1) odds, while 2018 is the favourite with 1.80 (4/5).

The online sportsbook in Australia is a really unique betting site with the weirdest betting market, really. You can even bet on the first officially malfunctioning parts of iPhone 7: Will the iOS 10 Update the worst part of it? Or maybe the battery? Or would you rather think it will be the Dual Camera Lens, which is sold as an original idea but really is just borrowed from Huawei P9? Bet on iPhone malfunctions! 

Also, if betting on someone’s penis size was not enough of betting on a celebrity’s (because let’s be honest, Trump is not a politician, he’s just a “Kardashian” in an expensive suit.) you can continue the great habit of yours at Sportsbet: bet on Taylor Swift’s new boyfriend! How long will he be able to tolerate her? One month? Maybe finally someone will be able to spend more than 6 months with her? Or even more than 2 years? Highly unlikely but make your bets whatever you think is the best!

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