Galatasaray vs PSG Betting Predictions – UEFA Champions League 2019

  • Galatasaray odds of winning at home at 9.50
  • PSG with an impressive win-rate; odds at 1.30
  • PSG leading in group A with Galatasaray at 2nd place
Galatasaray vs PSG Betting Predictions Türk Telekom Arena

Matchday 2 of the European Champions League will commence on 1st October. Galatasaray will host Paris Saint-Germain at the Turk Telekom Arena. The host team has a current standing at 2nd place in Group A after a draw with Club Brugge. PSG dominates the group with 3 points after defeating Real Madrid. Galatasaray vs PSG betting predictions favors PSG to continue the winning streak.

Paris Saint-Germain is one of the leading teams in the European Champions League 2019, after defeating the football giant Real Madrid. While Galatasaray has an impressive record of games at home, PSG has an equally stellar record of games away. Currently, online gambling sites in France seem to be favoring the guest team with winning odds at 1.35.

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Galatasaray vs PSG betting predictions: Galatasaray form in previous games

Galatasaray has satisfactory statistics from their 58 games played in the last year. Out of the aforementioned total games, Galatasaray has a total of 27 wins, 18 draws and 13 loses. This concludes in a recent Win-Draw-Loss rate of 46%-31%-22%. Their goal per match average lists at 1.21.

Galatasaray vs PSG Betting Predictions Radamel Falcao
Falcao is their biggest hope. Image source: AntalyasporFC [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons
In the course of the previous year, there were a total of 25 home fixtures with 56% (14 matches) win-rate. 36% (9) of the game’s resulted in a draw whereas the remaining 8% (2) were lost.

In the last 10 games, Galatasaray have been able to score 13 goals which consequently made them win 5 games. Despite having above-average stats, Galatasaray’s odds are listed at 9.50.

Galatasaray vs PSG betting predictions: PSG statistics in games away from home

PSG are amongst the leading teams in the UEFA Champions League after accumulating 3 points from a win against Real Madrid. PSG has an exceptional win-rate of 70% (41 matches) from its last 58 games over the past year. They also support 17% (10) draws and 12% (7) loses. Their goal per match is a terrific average of 2.52.

During the past year, at away games, they have a win rate of 59% (16 wins) from the most recent 27 away matches. 22% (6) of these games away from home have been a draw, with the remaining 18% (5) resulting in a loss.

In addition, last away win in a cup has been against Manchester United. Consequently, online sportsbooks in France rated PSG’s winning odds at 1.30.

Galatasaray vs PSG betting predictions
Sportsbooks Galatasaray Draw PSG
bet365  9.50 5.25 1.30
1xBet  9.00 5.65 1.36
22Bet  8.70 5.45 1.32
Bwin  8.50 5.50 1.30
KTO  9.07 5.21 1.34


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