Gambling Ads Thrashed by one of UK’s Senior Ministers

Danny Alexander, a member of the UK Parliament says gambling ads should be banned before 9 in the evening as many parents and children watch TV up to that time.

UK gambling advertisments

UK Chief Secretary deplores gambling ads during TV commercial breaks.

UK Parliament’s Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, worries about the impact the increased amount of aired or published gambling ads in the United Kingdom on the population and said so in a letter addressed to Sajid Javid, UK Culture Secretary.
He alludes to the Labor Government being at fault. Indeed in 2007, under reviewed UK gambling laws, the then ruling Labor Party lightened prohibitions concerning UK betting operators. The government gave them permission to advertise on TV. He strongly believes that such intense ads are also easily accessible on smartphones too.

Children who watch big sporting events can be influenced by gambling ads.

Alexander thinks the ads will incite children to play on online gambling sites in the UK. He urged the National Gambling Commission to reassess gambling advertisements in the UK. He wrote that he was “growing increasingly concerned by the prevalence of betting advertising during televised sporting events before 9pm”.

This, he says, could have a negative influence on children. The Chief Secretary to the Treasury continued by complaining that “It has now become almost impossible to watch any kind of sports event without being bombarded by highly solicitous advertising.”

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