Swedes Start Making Satan’s Chip Conspiracy Real

We take a wry look at the introduction of RFID tags as injected identification credentials and muse how casinos might make use of the technology

RFID chip

Conspiracy theorists have long feared a tagging of the human cattle ruled over by our shadowy overlords, but have the Swedes actually started the ball rolling?

Conspiracy theorists have long maintained, mostly in grainy badly-produced youtube videos, that there is a New World Order on the way and that one day we will awake to find ourselves enslaved by the ultra-rich with many of us apparently destined to spend the brief rest of our lives being processed in huge FEMA camps before boarding death trains with guillotines built in ready to execute all those our new masters deem unworthy of life.

Of course there are a couple of issues with that right away, the first being that secrets like that are awfully hard to keep and the idea that the US government might manage it is truly hysterical, and the second being that we’re already living in a world where the uber-rich control us all, we have done for several hundred years now, as a planet we have always been led by the wealthy, pretending this is something new is honestly bizarre.

Bizarre, however, is a good description for many of these videos and I heartily recommend you take a look if you fancy spending an hour or two laughing at the deranged imaginations of youtube contributors. From the Denver Airport murals depicting a racist future to alien mining machines on the moon there’s nothing you can’t find to make you snigger. There were hoards made for the Y2K non-event and plenty more for the 2012 Mayan apocalypse that never took place.

Bookies in the UK will give you 500/1 on an alien invasion and watching some of the videos you might believe they should pay up. Likewise if we are to believe what we see, David Attenborough should get out of his studio and go and talk to this yeti they keep filming, and as for Chupacabra, well just ask Johnny Depp who recently claimed he was attacked by one, perhaps gambling news of his plight would detract from his being tardy to a press conference. Some of the funniest vids, of course, are the religious.

Conspiracy Theorists Fear The Coming Of Satan

I’m not sure if US gambling laws allow for wagers on the second coming of Christ or the rapture, but according to those videos either one is almost certainly imminent, as is planetary collision, explosion of the sun and a complete breakdown of the Earth’s atmosphere/magnetic field/ecosystem (delete as applicable). Not that this stops them worrying about the arrival of Satan who will, apparently, be plugging RFID tags into us all so we can be herded like cattle and treated like sheep by our satanic uber-rich masters.

chip on humans

Naturally this is entirely laughable. People aren’t getting little electronic tags implanted in them, this is just a weird idea that got kicked up by the wording in a bill that never passed about the creation of a health database that never happened. Right? Well not exactly. Unfortunately mankind is awfully good at blundering into things out of a desire for a an easier life. One need look no further than the existence of Pot Noodles to know just how far we are willing to debase civilization for convenience.

Will Casinos Introduce RFID Chips For Customers?
• Swedish building includes chippy access
• Log on to machines facilitated by sub-dermal electronics
Mobile betting
and payment maybe replaced with chip

In Sweden the occupants of a new building are being “offered the chance” to be chipped in precisely the manner the conspiracy loons believe is the mark of the devil, all in order to give them easier access to secure facilities like doors, elevators, photocopiers and the like. Tenants of the new “Epicenter” are expected to take up the “offer” because it is intuitive. Of course what wasn’t intuitive about waving a card at a scanner I ask myself.

“We already interact with technology all the time,” Hannes Sjoblad said “Today it’s a bit messy – we need pin codes and passwords. Wouldn’t it be easy to just touch with your hand? That’s really intuitive.” Which is true. It is. But then anyone with a $300 scanner can read everything on your chip from a dozen feet away so just how many passwords and pin codes were you planning on storing on it anyway? As an security identifier it has purpose, for everything else, it needs work.

Casino Security Might Include RFID chips

Of course should they get the security issues sorted out, and these techy types are a devious bunch, there’s every possibility that in the future casino gamblers will be able to pay for chips with a wave of their hands over a scanner on the table, or those to that like internet betting in the US could log on to Bet365 just by sitting at their machine, after all, casinos are big on knowing who is playing at their tables and this would be the ultimate in tracking.

The nanny state in Finland would probably like to chip all gamblers at birth so they can limit how much they wager, where and when, casinos in America would probably just offer it as an exclusive membership promotion. Free RFID chip for our special customers. Of course the danger is that retailers and banks begin to shift beyond mobile phones, through “wearable computers” and then take to sub-dermal electronic means of payment.

The manner in which the security services could misuse an all pervasive system of that nature alone should be enough to make any sane person rail against it, but lets not forget that an RFID chip in your hand is only as secure as your wrist and if some criminal wants to get into your house, they’ll need your hand, not necessarily the rest of you, to do it. However those fears are unlikely to put off people who have already placed so much faith in technology, their entire lives on a single mobile phone.

The Swedish techno-building might be just an experiment on a large scale but that the technology has been integrated on such a wide scale to a public building bodes ill for the future, especially in a paranoid world where we are all too willing to exchange civil liberty and freedom for ever greater levels of security that we are told we need. An RFID chip might not be the sign of Satan the conspiracy theorists make out, but it is the sign of a society that has placed convenience and fear above all else.

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