Gambling Bill Passed In Singapore – Second Speech Review

  • Explaining the second speech
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  • Gambling bill passed in Singapore
Gambling Bill Passed In Singapore

The long-anticipated gambling bill passed in Singapore. Therefore, everything we have covered in the 2022 Singapore gambling law updates is now official law. Furthermore, they have released the second speech of the bill. Because this speech summarizes the first speech. Furthermore, it does not seek to change anything that has already been stated. However, they are adding important information to the law.

Therefore, the speech will explain important mentalities. For example, it talks about the difference between gaming and gambling. However, you can still register at online gambling sites in Singapore. Because the bill is not restricting online gambling. Furthermore, it is only tackling the ideas of proxy and social gambling. However, palying at 888casino is still fully legal.

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Gambling Bill Passed In Singapore

Ever since the new gambling bill passed in Singapore. The country shows positive changes in the industry. Because they have scored several achievements in the past years. However, they still have things to improve. Therefore, they have been one of the fastest industries to recover. Furthermore, the local authorities have 89 people investigated for illegal gambling. Therefore, the new Casino Regulatory Authority has been successful in 2022. However, Singapore is still not a legally perfect country.

Therefore, they are actively working on creating new laws. Because they wish to catch up to the most modern standards. For example, they are expanding the law with technological definitions. Therefore, they are going to join the countries that separate performance from luck. Because in the majority of regions, gaming is still considered gambling. However, the definition has changed over the years.

Loot Boxes In The Second Revision – Gambling Bill Passed In Singapore

The market has entered its golden era with continuous achievements. Therefore, the second revision is not trying to change the initial bill. However, it urges the attention of a few definitions. Furthermore, it seeks to give additional rules to the gambling bill passed in Singapore. For example, it wants to talk about the loot boxes in video games. Because this is one of the most modern debates within European politics.

Gambling Bill Passed In Singapore
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Therefore, several countries want to restrict and ban video games with loot box features. Because loot boxes could lead to the exploitation of children. Furthermore, it always carries a passive potential for harm. Therefore, the second revision suggests the following key features:

  • Addressing emerging trends and products
  • Ensuring consistency
  • Enhancing social safeguards
  • A Summary Of The Main Gambling Bill Passed In Singapore

According to iGB, the most important feature is the new Gambling Regulatory Authority of Singapore. Because they have renovated the regulatory body of the country. Furthermore, ever since the gambling bill passed in Singapore, the atmosphere has significantly increased. Therefore, gambling became safer than ever. Because the bill introduced a ban on vulnerable people.

Therefore, gambling facilities may kick an individual out of a casino. Because it will not allow vulnerable people to play. Including people under the age of 23. Therefore, illegal gambling is one of the most serious offenses. Furthermore, the first bill featured a ban on proxy gambling. Therefore, if you are in a casino, you may not give information to another person. Unless you are standing right next to them. 

The Difference Between Gambling And Gaming

According to the Casino Regulatory Authority, the gambling bill was passed in Singapore. However, there are important mentalities to highlight. For example, the country must adapt to the differences between gambling and gaming. Because in most places, everyone refers to online gambling activities as gaming.

Gambling Bill Passed In Singapore
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However, the advanced internet has changed these definitions. Because the whole term has started to shift with the rising of the eSport industry. Therefore, the difference between the two terms should be the following:

  • Gaming is a pay-for-performance model. (For example: Winning money for successfully beating Pacman)
  • Gambling is a paid-for chance model (For example: Winning money for a successful guess on the roulette wheel.)

Therefore, the online gambling law seems to struggle with these definitions today. Because paying for talented gamers should not be illegal.  However, getting money for performance is a different thing. Because getting paid for a chance involves no training or skill. However, paying a person for something they earned is fair.

New Gambling Offenses – Gambling Bill Passed In Singapore

According to Channel News Asia, the gambling bill passed in Singapore. Therefore, there are new offenses in the lawbook of the country. However, you should keep in mind that these laws are already live.

Gambling Bill Passed In Singapore
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Therefore, there are a couple of topics the bill seeks to regulate and discover. We are going to list these in a simple format before explaining:

  • Selling NFTs is not gambling according to the Singapore gambling bill.
  • Proxy gambling is illegal
  • Underage gambling is illegal for everyone under the age of 23.
  • Social gambling is allowed as long as it is done in a healthy way inside of a person’s house. Furthermore, this is a complex topic that requires investigation. Therefore, if someone is suspicious, they are going to investigate the case thoroughly.

Therefore, the definition of unlawful gambling has been expanded by the government of Singapore. However, they did not seek to call every single aspect of modern markets gambling.

Where To Gamble In Singapore

The gambling bill passed in Singapore. Therefore, you should always pick the safest online operators. However, our dictionary only includes legal and fair websites. Therefore, you don’t have to surf the internet for the safest and most legit sites. Because you can register at 888casino to participate in a fully legal gambling experience. Therefore, if you are in Singapore then you shouldn’t worry. Because the government understands how important the internet is. Therefore, they are not going to make online gambling illegal.

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