Fun Alternative Competitive Sports For Dull Days

  • Have you ever tried playing quidditch or dodgeball?
  • Who said you can't have fun and excercise at the same time?
  • Check out these fun alternative competitive sports!
Fun alternative competitive sports

If you are not the standard kind of athlete, you will be happy to know that there are plenty of alternative options to choose from! If you want to exercise but also have fun and meet new kindred spirits, check out our list of fun alternative competitive sports!

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Fun Alternative Competitive Sports

First, let’s clear up what we mean by fun alternative competitive sports! All sports are fun to a certain extent to a certain group of people but to each their own. Judo athletes probably have different kinds of fun than trampoline gymnasts, etc. Thanks to Einstein, we know that everything is relative so is our list. Some consider mountain climbing fun, while for others, that is a nightmare. So, bear with us and check out our understanding of fun sports!

Just Keep Jumping …

Let’s kick off this list with trampoline jumping. When we hear the word: trampoline, most of us think of our childhood, kids, laughing, etc., so fun stuff. However, not just children can enjoy jumping. This thing aims to ensure joy, so it has to appear on the list of fun alternative competitive sports. Like any other sport, it has various categories: some less strict than others. Think about Phil Dunphy from Modern Family and his obsession with trampoline jumping!

For instance, trampoline gymnastics is a very technical and demanding sport. It requires focus, immense self-control, practice after practice, commitment, etc. So not exactly the kind of fun we referred to before. There is the so-called freestyle trampoline category that lets you express yourself by jumping around, though it is more complicated than that. You have to perform acrobatic elements and a routine, but the rules are less strict. So it ensures a proper workout but offers fun too.

Fun Alternative Competitive Sports

We bet you have a dusty jumping rope somewhere at home. It might be a good idea to dust it off since it is also a fun alternative competitive sport! It is a good idea to change your workout routine once in a while and work on different muscle groups. Jump ropes are probably the most neglected gym tools, even though it is a pretty efficient cardio workout. Besides that, you can do it whenever and wherever. Also, there are fun tricks to lighten your mood and monotonous training.

Also, there are the so-called jump rope dancing categories. The name guarantees fun already. For example, fusion is the name of a Japanese rope jumping type, a mix of hip-hop and acrobatics with the jump rope. The IRJU, the International Jump Rope Union, is the official global federation for competitive jump rope, which organizes contests all over the world. Check out the best of the best at online sportsbook sites in Canada!

Still Jumping – Pogo Stick

It is a pretty unusual sport, jumping with the help of a unique stick. As a kid, you may have had a pogo stick and tried to stay on it or make as many jumps as you could, but professional pogo jumpers have taken it up a notch! There are several famous competitions like the Pogopalooza. It’s part of the Xpogo World Championship Series, the biggest pogo stick event on the planet, according to 1XBet Sportsbook

Even though it’s a fun alternative competitive sport, we recommend it to committed athletes because pogo jumping is not without risk. It is an extreme sport where the competitors perform stunts on pogo sticks. Those are sturdy tools, helping the competitors jump up more than 10 feet high! Since the first Pogopalooza in 2004, which happened in a parking lot with a few contestants, it has grown into an international tour. 

There are also high jump, free jump competitions, and world record days when the athletes try to break old or set new records and make it into the Book of Guinness World Records. For instance, Tyler Phillips jumped over five London taxis using his pogo stick, setting a new record. However, there are many other Guinness records involving a pogo stick, which you can check out at online sportsbook sites in Canada!

Fun Alternative Competitive Sports – Roller Derby

It is a fast-paced team sport where the athletes use quad roller skaters. The game consists of two-minute rounds or jams. In each round, the two five-member teams compete against each other. Four skaters are Blockers, and one is the Jammer, who tries to score. However, the Blockers will do everything to stop the opposing Jammer from scoring while helping their own succeed.

The skaters can’t use their heads, feet, knees, elbows, or hands to hit the other players. If they do, they will end up with a penalty. There is a penalty box, so the players can stay there for 30 seconds without interrupting the game. The jammers earn points if they can pass the Blockers. The referees monitor the play to ensure fair play and create a safe environment. 

It may surprise you, but roller derby has existed since the 30s because they noticed that people prefer skaters pushing and shoving each other than simply speeding past each other. Similar to ice hockey, the game wouldn’t be the same without aggression. In the 70s, roller derbies had their TV broadcasts, and since then, many roller derby associations have been established. You can play the game in over 500 leagues, participating in professional competitions.

Paintballing is a Professional Sport

Playing paintball is not just a fun pastime or hobby, but a fun alternative competitive sport! You can either stop at a paintball track for some fun or take it seriously and become a champion. This is a team sport of 20-25 members where participants have to shoot the opponent players with paintballs for points. Usually, these paintballs contain nontoxic elements and pigment capsules, and the guns are called markers.

There are differences between the European and the American rulebooks, but the game is pretty simple. It is great fun and a rush without danger, but as a professional sport, athletes have to practice and play by the rules, just like with other sports. For instance, if after being hit, the player acts as if nothing happened and keeps playing, the team gets a penalty, etc. There are different types to choose from, like Woodsball or Airball. 

The sport has been around since the 70s even though they used it for practical purposes first, not for sports. The first competition was held in New Hampshire in 1981 with 12 competitors. First, they called it the National Survival Game in the US, Skirmish Games in Australia, and The National Challenge in the UK. They established the IPPA, International Paintball Players Association, in 1998, which organizes professional championships. You can check out the competitions at 1XBet Sportsbook!

Cardboard Tube Fights as a Fun Alternative Competitive Sport

Well, this is an activity which is not just a fun alternative competitive sport but seems like taking a train to a crazy town. We have all played this as kids, so the only surprise is that the participants are grown-ups. The purpose of the game is to release stress and freely hit others without hurting them. Fencing can be exhilarating even without laser swords and daggers. 

Cardboard tube fights ensure that we can also fight without the risk of killing our rivals. This is why the Cardboard Tube Fighting League was formed. The rules are simple and aim at safety. The participants use swords from non-dangerous cardboards for swordplay. Everyone can only use the permitted or certified tube, and it is forbidden to hit each other’s head or cause direct pain or block a blow with your hand. 

So, people fence with weapons that are not weapons. Usually, they are made of cardboard, hence the name. The winner is the last person whose weapon remains intact. If someone’s board breaks, they are out of the fight. Many people use this opportunity to wear costumes and make the scene even more spectacular. There are leagues and tournaments to watch or play around the world. The prize for the winner is a cardboard tube in the shape of a nice sword.

Slackline for Beginners

It’s a sport that requires a great sense of balance. The material of the rope is nylon or polyester, which is outstretched between two solid points. For starters, you should try to take a walk on it close to the ground. By slacklining, the rope is not rigidly stretched. It is flexible, so you can bounce back from it or down as if using a trampoline. The rope can be stretched in several ways, depending on what you want to use it for, simple walking, or want to perform some stunts. 

Thanks to its woven state, the slackline is flat, and you can walk nicely on it. Those who are trained enough can perform incredible tricks on the slackline. The idea of the more modern slackline came from two rock climbers who were students at Evergreen State College in 1979. It is also a fun alternative competitive sport, though if you want to become a professional, the fun part may change a bit! Check out the jaw-dropping Guinness World Records and slackline championships at 1XBet Sportsbook!

Fun Alternative Competitive Sports – Dodgeball

Probably, our favorite team sport of all! It’s fun, it’s challenging, it’s fast-paced, and it’s dodgeball! Did you know that there is a Dodgeball World Championship? There are five D’s in the game! Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge. Each team has 6-10 members, of which six plays on the court, and the others are substitutes. The main aim of dodgeball is to eliminate the opposite team’s players from the game by hitting them with a ball.

The players dodge the balls to stay in the game and catch the ball in the air if they can because then the player who threw it will be out of the game. If every team member is out, they lose, and the opponents win. It sounds simple in theory but difficult when you stand on the court with rubber balls flying left and right. The best way to succeed is to learn to move like those inflatable waving tube guys! It’s an international fun alternative competitive sport with leagues and championships. You can find the list of tournaments and rankings at 1XBet Sportsbook!

Get Your Brooms, it’s Quidditch Season!

Quidditch is a fictive sport created by J.K. Rowling and made famous by Harry Potter. However, proving that human creativity knows no bounds, a group of friends breathed new life into the game. Since the fans created muggle quidditch in Vermont in 2005, it has spread worldwide and has become a professional international sport. After all, what can be a more fun alternative competitive sport than quidditch?

If you check out online sportsbook sites in Canada, you can find all pro teams, their rankings, and the upcoming tournaments. The International Quidditch Association is responsible for the rules and championships, so you will find everything you want to know in our quidditch betting guide. This much is true: whether you watch the game, bet on it, or participate in it, a great time is guaranteed!

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