Gambling Expansion in Florida – Here We Go!


Posted: May 25, 2021

Updated: May 25, 2021

  • Florida has a long history of gambling
  • They did not have any direct regulation on online gambling so far
  • The gambling expansion in Florida is coming closer to realization

Gamblers from the United States are familiar with the fact that all the states have different legislation when it comes to gambling. And in the last couple of years, it also concerns online gambling. However, in the Sunshine State, there were not any specific regulations on this topic – until now. But the latest gambling expansion in Florida enucleates the topic.

Online gambling between the borders of the United States can be a little bit confusing. In which states can I bet online? If there are no betting sites, can I use offshore sites? Is casino gambling an option in my state? And we could go on and on with the questions that can arise in the heads. However, right now Florida took a huge step with its latest gambling expansion: they cleared the air on several issues. But where did they come from? And where are they going? What are the possibilities of the gambling residents right now? Keep on reading to find out everything you wish to know!

Gambling history in Florida

Believe it, or not, but the Sunshine State has a long history with wagering. According to “The history of state-sanctioned gambling in Florida dates back to 1931 when local legislators legalized on-site betting on dog and horse racing as well as jai alai. (…) Tribal gambling was introduced to Florida with the federal Indian Regulatory Gaming Act of 1988. The local tribes established eight casinos that host legal slots and table games. The Seminole tribe operates seven of these casinos, and the Miccosukee tribe owns the eighth.”

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And now, as we speak land-based gambling, charity gambling, and the lottery are all legal. The minimum age for pari-mutuel wagering, lottery, bingo, and poker games is 18, however, it is 21 for entering casinos. On the other hand, there is one field, that has not been regulated so far. The state did not have any regulations that could be directly applied to online wagering and to online gambling sites in the US. And that is something that the latest gambling expansion in Florida is about to take care of.

Gambling Expansion in Florida
Miami, Florida

Gambling Expansion in Florida

The Sunshine State had amazing news for gamblers: they joined the many states that have already authorized mobile sports betting! On 19th May the legislators reached and ratified an agreement with the Seminole Tribe. It took a special session on the topic, but it was worth it. It resulted in the broadest expansion of gambling that Florida has seen in a decade. However, it is not yet the time to get on Bovada or any other soon-to-be authorized online sports betting sites in the US. Federal regulators must approve the deal first. The deal, which would also expand the gambling monopoly of the Seminole Tribe. But it is also worth it for the state! There is a guarantee, that the Tribe will have a 500-million-dollar revenue sharing with them.

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What is next?

The U.S. Department of Interior has now – after the bill is signed by the governor – 45 days to reach a decision. But we can tell that all the state – gamblers, legislators, and governing bodies – and also online gambling sites in the US, like Bovada are already excited. As State Representative, Chris Sprowls said on the topic: “Congratulations on a historic compact with the Seminole Tribe of Florida.’’ And we can also congratulate them! Because in case the state clears all the obstacles, anyone in the Sunshine State – who is over 21 – can start gambling online after October 15. And this also applies to those gambling from apps on their mobiles. It means, wagers still have some time to figure out what to place their bets on for the first time. But, hey, at least they already see the light at the end of the tunnel!

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