Where to Go for Gambling in Asia?

  • Where you can gamble legally in Asia?
  • The best gambling destinations in the continent
gambling in Asia, Macau, China, gambling in Singapore, gambling in Philippines

Gambling in Asia has a history of thousands of years. In fact, the first appearances of gambling were recorded in Asia in 3000 BC. Moreover, Ancient Chinese were betting on unearthed tiles in 2300 BC. Nowadays, Asia is the most promising gambling market in the world. Each year gambling revenues in the region show big growth. In fact, in 2018 Asia-Pacific was the largest market for gambling, accounting for 32.7% of the global market. Today we are taking a look at the most interesting gambling destination in Asia.

Legal places for gambling in Asia

The legal and the illegal gambling industry of Asia is a several trillion dollar worth market. Despite this fact, not all the places on the continent give gambling a legal status.

So, the countries where gambling is illegal are China, North Korea, India, Kuwait. On the other hand, gambling is legal in Japan, Singapore and in the Philippines. Also, there are countries where gambling is legal but only under the rules. For example, in Singapore only two casinos are legal and they share the monopoly in the country. Also, sports betting and the lotteries are under the regulation of just two organizations. In Taiwan, land-based sports betting is legal. But both, the land-based and the online casinos are illegal. Online sports betting is also legal in Taiwan. So, the Taiwanese can bet at online gambling sites in the USA, such as Intertops.

Although gambling in China, India and North Korea is generally illegal, there are some exceptions for each country. So, in China, there are certain regions where gambling is legal, like Macau. State lotteries are also legal. The lotteries controlled by the state are also legal.

Gambling in India is legal only in some provinces. Lotteries and horse racing are legal in the whole country.

In North Korea, gambling is legal only for tourists. The country bans its citizens from any kind of gambling.

In addition to that, there are countries that despite its illegal status gambling is very popular. One such country is Cambodia.

Interestingly, in the clear half of all the Asian countries, you can find at least one casino. Whereas, there are countries that have no casinos at all.

The main reason why gambling in Asia is mostly illegal is that most of the countries are Islamic.

The fascinating gambling destinations


gambling in Asia, Macau, China, gambling in Singapore, gambling in Philippines
Macau is the Asian gambling capital.

This administrative region of China is one of the only places in the country where gambling is legal. Known as Asian Vegas easily competes with Vegas and sometimes even overshadows it as the best gambling destination in the world.

There are nearly 50 casinos in Macau, that bring around $28 billion annual revenue. This is 3 times more than Las Vegas’s 135.

Online gambling in Macau is not regulated properly, so people gamble here online without any legal consequences. And, nowadays, that Macau casinos are closed because of the coronavirus, gambling at online casinos in the USA, such as Bovada or Free Spin casino are on high demand.


Singapore is one of the most attractive destinations when it comes to gambling in Asia.

There are two casinos in Singapore: Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands. These two casinos were making more money just in two years after opening than all the Las Vegas casinos. The Resorts World Sentosa casino is 15 thousand square meters. It has more than 2.5 thousand slot machines and 1 thousand table games. Marina Bay Sands is one of the most photographed buildings in the world due to its unusual, yet very beautiful appearance. It is a three-pillared building and horizontal boat shape on top that will catch your eye if you happen to be in Singapore.


The Philippines is another great gambling destination in Asia, that in recent years confidently competes with Macau and Singapore. Each year the country’s casinos host thousands of tourists around the world. Well, now there are nearly 70 casinos in different cities in the Philippines. Solaire Resort and Casino is one of the most famous gambling venues in the country in the beautiful Manila Bay.

Resorts World Manila is also one of the best casinos in the Philippines. It has a gaming space of 30,000 square meters and 3 hotels in its territory. Unfortunately, after the shootings in 2017, the place lost its former glory.

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