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Posted: January 1, 2023

Updated: January 1, 2023

  • Pik-A-Tok and Patolli
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  • Gambling in Aztec culture

Now that we debated the way pirates and Vikings have gambled. Let’s continue our historic gambling articles with gambling in Aztec culture. Because many games at the online gambling sites in Mexico revolve around this culture. The famous movie; The Road To El Dorado contributed to this. Because according to ancient lore and rumor, the Aztec culture was full of gold. Keep in mind that we write this article out of the sheer fascination for history and its culture. Furthermore, these are important parts of gambling.

Mexico and ancient Aztec society is connected by their love for gambling. In both religion, culture and their love for gambling. This is why we are going to discover everything we can about this habit. Because in Aztec, Mayan, and Olmec cultures. Gambling was not just a game of luck. It was divine during its festival. Sometimes, life depended on it.

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Pok-A-Tok – Gambling in Aztec Culture

Let’s start gambling in Aztec culture with the Mesoamerican Ball Game. Often referred to as Pok-A-Tok in English. Therefore, this was the game played in the movie we mentioned earlier. This game was not for the faint of heart. Because it was played by warriors wearing heavy armor made out of clay. Furthermore, these warriors were wearing masks made out of the head of cheetahs.

In conclusion, modern sports are easy compared to the ancient sports in history. Pok-A-Tok had several different roles in Aztec society. Firstly, the Lords and the Highnesses loved to bet on the winning team or players. Secondly, we speculate that the losing team or player has been sacrificed for the Gods or the Undergods. However, playing this game was also a chance to win redemption or a role in society. But it was not easy to maneuver a ball on the tall wall.

Patolli – The Aztec Gambling Game

We can not afford not to talk about Patolli in this article. Because it was the epitome of gambling in Aztec culture. Therefore, there is no question about gambling here. This was a gambling game. Therefore, it was strange to see how big the field was compared to today’s gambling boards. However, it is important to highlight that this game was not only for two players. Furthermore, the game was also intended to have an audience. Which we are going to talk about later.

According to Mexico Lore, Patolli had a natural attraction when players began to play. However, players soon began to gather their mats and belongings to bet. Because betting was the main goal for this game. Furthermore, it was overseen by Macuiloxochitl, the God of gambling. And if there was a God watching, the Lords and nobles would watch and bet too.

Everyone Loved Gambling In Aztec Culture

There is a huge reason why everyone loved gambling in Aztec culture. Firstly, the Gods overwatched the game. Furthermore, soon Nobles adapted to the activity as well. Smart people have understood that dangers are coming with gambling. However, it did not stop people from gathering around the moment they played. According to Sounds and Colors, patolli is still in play in our modern culture.

People play it with the mat as well. However, there are also smaller alternatives. These games are like backgammon or Parcheesi. Keep in mind that the ancient version of Patelli was much more than just a game. It was also a test that we don’t believe anymore. However, magical thinking was completely normal back then. If you love Aztec games, we recommend the games at Vave Casino.

Macuilxochitl – The God And Spirit Of Gambling

Now let’s talk about one of the most interesting things about the anthropology of Aztec gambling. Because Macuilxochitl was the God of gambling. However, there are also speculations that it is the name of the collective who watched the game. Therefore, the gamblers believed that the people gathered around to watch. Were the manifestation of the spirit and the God of gambling. In conclusion, the Gods and the spirit of gambling played an important part in gambling in Aztec culture.

According to the Department of Anthropology, the wealthiest nobles have played this game as well. Because gambling losses are insignificant for nobles. However, they still enjoyed the thrill. Many people understand that gambling can be dangerous. However, it was a test of luck and good behavior. Because if you were in the favor of the Gods, you won.

Birthdays And Gambling in Aztec Culture

If you prefer a lot of freedom, then check out how pirates used to gamble. However, your birthday may rig the game agaisnt you. Because magical thinking was intensively present during gambling in Aztec culture. People said you could be born on the bad day. This is why you were unlucky. Therefore, people are less likely to become angry at their opponents.

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However, this game could ruin some lives. These people were born with a bad day. Simply put, luck was never a thing in these games. Because if someone lost, that person was either stupid, born on a bad day, or the gods were angry at them. This is why birthdays were not always fun. Sometimes people sacrificed the loser or the winner to the Gods.

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Now that we discussed everything there is to know about gambling in Aztec culture. Let us talk about the most efficient way to relive the experience. Because one of the best gambling scenes in movies was in the movie called The Road to El Dorado. It involves the elements of this culture. However, it was during the Spanish conquest. Therefore in this game, you are going to play a Spanish explorer.

To discover Mesoamerican fields, you have to roll the reel to discover the treasures of the Aztec culture. This way, you will feel like a character in a story similar to the Road of El Dorado. All three versions of this successful game are available at Vave Casino.

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