Gambling Superstitions that No Gambler Can Challenge

gambling superstitions

What can bring good and what bad luck is what this article of GamingZion tries to reveal by unfolding the story of the gambling superstitions.

Many people are superstitious. But if there is one profile among for which “being superstitious” is an essential character trait, that would certainly be the gambler. As online online gambling sites in EU usually stress, the gambler would do anything if he is convinced that that thing increases his chances for win. A perfume, a piece of clothes or a ritual before the game: a gambler will try everything that works to turn the luck on his side.

But how did gamblers develop this feature in the first place? After any game, it is inevitable for a gambler to evaluate somehow, his game. Whether it was a good or bad game is irrelevant. The analysis must be thorough in each case. It is always important for gamblers to consider all the factors that led to the win or the loss on the gambling tables. That is how they found the “forces” that influence their gambling faith. And these forces are materialized in things or in actions that always bring them either luck or misfortune.

The most widespread gambling superstitions

Surveys that have been recently conducted indicate that over 80 percent of the gamblers consider themselves to be superstitious persons. Many of the superstitions are traditional, passed from generation to generations, in order escape the bad luck. As, gambling news report, one of the most common superstitions in any epoch of the history of gambling is of course associated with numbers.

Gambling superstitions

Number 13 is regarded among the most infamous omens for bad luck. 

In almost every cultural tradition the number 13 is considered to be unlucky number. When gamblers are concerned this belief is so radicalized, that many hotels in Las Vegas don’t even have room or floor number 13. The USD 50 bills are also considered to be unlucky and gamblers refuse to pay with these banknotes. Where the superstition comes from is difficult to tell. There are indications however that mobsters used to tuck $50 bills in the pockets of victims they buried in deserts.

Other extremely important factor that can influence the luck of the gambler is the behavior on the poker table. There are several guidelines that every gambler respects. Never count your money on the table: it is simply distasteful. Never cross your legs while playing: you make a path for your good luck to leave you. Never sing or whistle: don’t disturb the luckiness itself. Mentioning of books and touching of shoulders are highly prohibited. And of course, if a beautiful man passes to your table make sure you ask him to blow on your dice or even toss them for you.

Additional gambling superstitions: one common and one rather odd

Colors, similar to numbers are involved in all kinds of superstition, not only the gambling related ones. However, as online gambling news in EU report, in gambling one color in particular is considered to bring good luck. It is the color red. This idea origins from the Chinese gambling tradition and is historically tied mainly to the Chinese gamblers although it is very common for “gambling Europe” too. Thus it is usual for them to wear red underwear in order to turn the luck on their side. In general the superstition in these countries when color is concerned is so big that the new owner for instance of Cardiff City football team, Vincent Tan from Malaysia, gave order for rebranding the club and change the colors from blue to red even though the nickname of the team is “the bluebirds.”

MGM Grand entrance

Power of superstitions got the better of MGM Grand’s gigantic lion.  (Photo: NWI Times)

A perfect illustration of the limits or better say the limitless dimensions in which gambling superstition can be extended is the opening of the MGM grand casino in Las Vegas back in 1998. It is well known that the company’s logo was a lion, so in accordance with it they imagined their opening ceremony to somehow include lions too. What they did was to design the entrance in the casino as entrance into a lion’s mouth. Terrible mistake. Going into a mouth of a lion? How can that bring any good luck? No red underwear, no lucky numbers, no good manners help when you are in a lion’s mouth. You are done! This is how gamblers thought of the MGM casino so the company did not have other choice than to completely remove the million dollars entrance and design a new one.

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