Gambling World Tour Picks – The Ultimate Traveling Guide


Posted: November 12, 2022

Updated: November 12, 2022

  • A list of places to visit for gamblers
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  • Gambling world tour picks

This article is the ultimate trip for travelers. Have you ever heard about the seven wonders of the world? Well, these are the 8 + 1 wonders of the gambling world. If you are a true gambling enthusiast and traveler, then visiting these places at least once in a lifetime is a must. These are rather expensive places. However, we made the list with the mindset of not having to stay.

Therefore, this is something like a gambling travel challenge or checklist. If you have time and energy for none of that. Then please browse our dictionary of the best online gambling sites in the UAE. Because we are going to be able to have almost the same experience online as we would have in real life. Without further ado, let us talk about our gambling world tour picks.

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The Virtual Space – Bonus At 888 Holdings

Let’s start your trip anytime by visiting the virtual gambling world from the comfort of your home. Therefore, we recommend you start our gambling world tour picks with any of the 888 Holdings services.

What does that mean? Generally, the brand 888 Holdings hosts several gambling services under one account registration. No matter what type of gambling you enjoy, you will find everything under their name.

Therefore, we are recommending that you register at 888Casino and play your favorite gambling game. You are going to find Poker, Sportsbook betting, Casinos, and much more. We decided to recommend 888Casino because it is available almost everywhere in the world where gambling is legal.

Las Vegas – A Night In The Bellagio – Gambling World Tour Picks

According to SIGMA World, you can make your gambling world tour picks just by visiting all of the high-end casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. In conclusion, there are several picks. However, we are going to help you with the obvious decision.

Even if we praised Caesar’s Palace in the past. This time we decided to recommend The Bellagio instead. Because The Bellagio is a work of art that changes the industrial desert into a dreamy landscape.

When walking in the Bellagio, you feel like you are at the borderlands of reality and dreaming. And we have not even mentioned the wonderful hotel, the clean gambling rooms and of course the world-class restaurants. When visiting the Bellagio you are not only stepping into Las Vegas’s most prestigious casino hotel. But you are also entering a dream world that is similar to a VR environment without technology. 

Macau – Dinner At Wynn – Gambling World Tour Picks

Don’t worry, we are not going to miss out on the golden nuggets. However, instead of Las Vegas, we recommend you travel to the home of Wynn. Therefore, it is time for you to prepare for a trip to China and visit the beautiful city of Macau. Because in the heart of this city lies the best casino in the world. When you are entering the restaurant area, you feel as if you stepped into a different realm. Everything is golden with beautiful eastern art.

Trees and small gardens are implemented as the corners of the dining and the gambling room. A literal park inside the highest level of a skyscraper. This is why we recommend Macau. However, if you cannot afford then another round at 888Casino could replace at least the slot machines there. This is our next from the gambling world tour picks.

Monte Carlo – Coffee At The Riviera

Now we know, the first two picks on the list were a little overkill for the wallet. However, there are cheaper alternatives, to begin with. For example, you can spend a weekend on Monte Carlo’s Riviera. And if you are there, why wouldn’t you play a good old classical roulette while drinking a coffee? A perfect day for the gambling world tour picks.

We have a story about the Hungarian gambling legend who went to Monte Carlo. He was winning on roulette for the whole night straight. The casino has ended up paying him to never return. What was his strategy? He picked the unluckiest guy in the room and always placed the opposite bet. 

Casinò Di Venezia – A Good Blaue Zipfel

If you want to take a trip to Italy, then we have great news for you. Because our next item on the gambling world tour picks is the very first casino. This building has a long history behind it. In the heart of Italy, it hosts one of the most authentic gambling experiences. People used to arrive at this place to gamble in masks.

However, what makes this casino even more iconic today, is the Wagner. Yes, the German music composer. They have made a whole restaurant section dedicated to the artist who frequented this place. Furthermore, you can hear his music being played while you are gambling. How classy is that? You should not miss out on this one.

Africa – A Whole Week At Silverstar

There is one place in Africa that can top all of the other places here. We are talking about the Silverstar Casino. However, Africa is in the opposite direction compared to the rest of the regions here. According to Tripadvisor, this is a five-star hotel.

Therefore, we are recommending you spend a whole week at Silverstar’s hotel. You are not going to regret bathing in the pools and drinking in the bar on top of the water. This is an authentic experience and one of the hidden gems in our gambling world tour picks.

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Philippines – Play In The City – Gambling World Tour Picks

Let’s have something unusual on the list of the gambling world tour picks. Because this time we are not going to recommend any gambling casinos. Therefore, we are challenging you to try one of the street gambling games in the Philippines. Just learn some of the languages and approach a table of playing people. We are sure that they are going to let you sit in for a round.

However, make sure that you do not have a deck of playing cards with you. Because carrying that on the street is illegal. These games are usually played with dice. If you want to skip this one, then we recommend you register at 888Casino

Marina Bay Singapore – Party Go Wild

Now that you have seen most of the world, it’s time for something wild. Release all of the energies, worries, and tensions that have been building up from the travels. And go wild on the Marina Bay of Singapore. The reason why this is among our gambling world tour picks is that Marina Bay is the wildest party place ever.

Once you go there, you will not know how to appreciate any other parties. Because you are going to dance inside of a gigantic ship that is being held by two skyscrapers. The poker room is the peak gambling experience.

London – Cup Of Tea In The Ritz

Once you have reached all of these destinations, it’s time to calm down and return to your normal life. Therefore, the last item on our gambling world tour picks is a simple tea inside The Ritz. The Ritz London seeks to give you the feeling of being a royal while spending nights in this hotel.

However, the gambling room is truly something else. Just calm and enjoy doing nothing, while feeling like an England royalty. Play some gambling, and most importantly: Drink the final tea of this journey. And once you come home, finish that infinite by playing another round at 888Casino.

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