Street Gambling Games In The Philippines – Easiest To Find

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  • Street gambling games in the Philippines
Street Gambling Games In The Philippines

In this article, we are going to discover street gambling games in the Philippines. Because much like many eastern countries, they love their gambling games. However, there are many interesting facts surrounding these games. For example, people gamble during funerals. And we are going to explain why. You can play the modern version of these games by registering at online gambling sites in the Philippines.

Therefore, we are going to introduce you to the basics of the games. Furthermore, we are going to tell you about the best site to play these games at. However, if you are interested in the gambling news in the country. Then you should check out our article about the Gambling lord in the Philippines. If you wish to play right away, just register at 888Casino.

Street Gambling Games In The Philippines

Walking on the streets of any Philippine city, you will find people wagering for real cash. Therefore, gambling is a part of the culture. However, you can join these street gambling games in the Philippines too. Because all you need to have is knowledge and money.

Therefore, people will accept tourists joining their game. However, we advise you to get familiar with the language. Because they wouldn’t necessarily want to speak English to you. However, we have articles written about these games. Therefore, you can easily learn how to surprise the locals with your precise understanding. And if you want to fit in, then you should show off with one of the lucky charms for gambling in the Philippines.

Pusoy Dos

According to Kami, Pusoy Dos is a game with a maximum of four players. Therefore, you can play Pusoy Dos as two, three, or four people. Each player is dealt 13 cards. Because the objective of the game is to discard your hand. Therefore, you will have to be the first person with an empty hand in this game. In this turn-based shedding game, you will have to play the best possible suit for each turn.

Therefore, you will have to understand pairs, singles, flushes, and full houses. Because this game is similar to poker. However, in this game, there are no two-suit combinations. The game is also known as Filipino poker or chikicha. Therefore, it is one of the most popular street gambling games in the Philippines.


Everyone knows the popular eastern game called Mahjong. Therefore, this is one of the most unique games on the list. Because in this game, people are not using cards. Instead, you will play with domino-like pieces. These are called tiles, and you use dies while playing the game. This game is rather complex and hard to understand at first. Because unlike in poker, you have entirely different symbols and values.

Therefore, you will have to get familiar with dots, bamboo, and characters. Furthermore, you will have to understand what honor tiles mean. Mahjong was created in 19th century China. However, it is still a relevant game. Mahjong is among the most popular street gambling games in the Philippines. Therefore, you will find people of all ages sitting by tables in the public, playing it. However, you can also bet on playing Mahjong.

Tong-its – Street Gambling Games In The Philippines

Talking about the most popular street gambling games in the Philippines. We cannot afford to not mention Tong-its. Because this game is not so popular all over the world. However, if we say Rummy, then you will probably recognize it better. Because Tong-its is just a Philippine rule set for Rummy. However, you are playing this game with 52 cards. Furthermore, the placement of the cards is similar to Mahjong tile games.

According to the Philippines Insider, you need 3 players to play this game. Therefore, it is best if you suggest this game to people who are playing Pusoy Dos. When playing the game, you want to avoid becoming burned. Therefore, if people say that you are “Sunog” or “Paksiw” then you are lost. Because you have no possible hand to discard anymore.


According to Reuters, Sakla is much more than just one of the street gambling games in the Philippines. Because people play this game during funerals. I know, it sounds crazy, right? The last thing you would expect during a funeral is for people to sit down to play. However, in the culture, it is a smart and supportive game. Because the family will receive a portion of the winner’s money.

Therefore, they use this game to distract themselves from lamentation.Furthermore, the whole family plays together on the day to support each other. And most importantly, they pitch into the finances of the funeral without arguing about money. Because luck is the best way to settle things that shouldn’t be argued. Sakla is similar to Tarot cards. Therefore, you will quickly understand how to play this game. Because it is similar to all of the 32-card Hungarian cards.

Street Gambling Games In The Philippines Online

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