Gambling Lord In the Philippines – How Syndicates Operate?

  • The gambling syndicates in the Philippines
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Gambling Lord In the Philippines

There is an alleged gambling lord in the Philippines that involved in illegal activities. For example, his son had to shut down his illegal cockfight gambling rig. Furthermore, he has links to an illegal jueteng rig. They even created political ties, almost corrupting the presidency of the Philippines. Because Rodolfo “Bong” Pineda is a gambling lord who owns one of the greatest casinos in the Philippines. However, with his political connection, they have run a government party that created charity gambling games. Therefore, these charity gambling games have been used as a front for illegal gambling activities. If you wish to stay away from all of these political schemes, you should play on the online gambling sites in the Philippines. Because international operators are not connected to any syndicates or gambling lords.

Gambling Lord In The Philippines

Another gambling lord in the Philippines is Jack Lam. Because according to Yogonet his most recent scheme is offering a huge bribe to free prisoners. A well-known gambling tycoon is trying to bribe the freedom of illegal Chinese prisoners. These undocumented Chinese workers were beyond 1,300 in number. This means that this gambling lord in mention gave illegal gambling jobs to 1300 undocumented Chinese immigrants in the country. However, Jack Lam is innocent with no involvement. Therefore, he was only leasing his villas to these operators. The government did not find him guilty, nor did he admit to having done the bribery. He claims that he rejected the bringing offers. But right after the rejection of the bribe, an unknown Syndicate helped around 70 prisoners in escaping. The police have caught the majority.

The Local Gambling Culture

The Asian gambling culture is much different from the western. However, they share a fair amount of political corruption when it comes to gambling. Because gambling is an easy way to clean money, gangsters or gambling lords are taking advantage of this whenever they can. Most of the time it is not causing huge trouble. Because the majority of politicians and law enforcement are looking forward to shutting these operations down.

Gambling Lord In the Philippines
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However, the Philippines is one of the countries that are influential in gambling. And gambling is a part of the local culture. Therefore, unlike China, the Philippines allows legal gambling in both retail and online casinos. This is why you can find several online gambling bonuses in the Philippines. Despite the influence of a gambling lord in the Philippines. The country has a healthy economy in gambling overall.

Gambling Syndicates In The Philippines

Gambling syndicates are led by the gambling lord in the Philippines. And according to Rappler, there are many of them. There are more shady operations going around behind the scene than one might assume. While in America, the gambling gangsters were working with protection and physical harm, taking control with politics and weapons. In the Philippines, these gambling lords are running a complete and complex operation. Therefore, if you are a Chinese person, make sure to not accept job offers that ask you to travel overboard to work an “IT” job. Because they might lure you into a trap of illegal employment. To explain how these syndicates work in the Philippines, we are going to present them step by step:

  • A gambling lord in the Philippines creates a human trafficking syndicate
  • They con Chinese people to travel over to the Philippines to work for an illegal online gambling company
  • Online gambling is illegal in China, therefore they become criminals in their own home country, and may not return.
  • If they try to quit, then they catch them. This results in beating up and a high-price ransom.
  • Since they are not legal, both law and criminals target them.
  • Gambling Lords are leasing apartments for these operators. While the owners of these illegal operators are often living overboard.

What Does It Take To Become A Gambling Lord In The Philippines?

The truth is, that you don’t have to be a criminal or shady to become a gambling lord in the Philippines. Simply, you just have to own a successful gambling business. It is hard to start it off, however, you can be an ethical business owner who doesn’t support human trafficking and illegal operations. This is why it is hard to define which casino owners are corrupt and which ones are not. Therefore, if they are prestigious without political support. Then they are probably the innocent ones. The life of these gambling lords is hard because they are under constant accusations of illegal activities. Some of them might be guilty. However, no one could show solid evidence against them. But you can find ethical and safe gambling nearly anywhere in the country.

The Gambling Lord In The Philippines

According to ABS-CBN News, Atong Ang was accused of involvement with these gambling syndicates and the bribery scheme. However, he claims that he is a legal gambling lord in the Philippines. And that he is not connected with any forms of illegal activities.

Gambling Lord In the Philippines
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In the country, cockfighting is legal. Therefore, he is only interested in legal cockfight betting. While cockfighting might be absurd and unethical in some people’s eyes, for the Philippines it is similar to how different cultures are betting on horse races. Therefore, even if it is animal abuse, for them the legal status of such betting is not about the ethical side of the question.

The Best Online Casino

If you wish to stay out of it all, and not fear that you are in the same building as the syndicate of a gambling lord in the Philippines. Then check out the best casino hotels in the Philippines. Because these places are most of the time equal with Las Vegas’s Caesars or MGM. Therefore, they are safe to stay at and visit. And most of the time if you are looking for employment, you can trust these places to be completely legal and ethical. Therefore, if you are interested in playing at one of the best available casinos. Then you should visit  22BET Casino. The websites you can find in our dictionary are all licensed by the government in mention. Therefore, they are not linked to these illegal gambling syndicates.

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