Georgia Casino Bill Dies in Committee

Georgia Casino Bill

Senator Brandon Beach confirmed that the Georgia casino bill failed to pass the Regulated Industries and Utilities Committee, so it’s dead for 2017.

SB 79, the Destination Resort Act, that would’ve legalized casino gambling at two resorts in Georgia has failed to gain enough support in the senate’s Regulated Industries and Utilities Committee. When the bill’s hearing was pushed to this week, the bill’s main sponsor, Sen. Brandon Beach, was still hopeful about its faith. According to Beach, the Georgia casino bill would have enough votes on the Senate floor but first they have to “get it out of committee to get it to the floor.” Starting in April, Beach will travel the state to spread the word on the bill. US gambling news highlight that the tax revenues from casino gambling in Georgia would be used to aid education, more specifically, to create scholarships. 

Click here to read the full text of the Georgia Casino Bill (SB 79)

Check out the bill’s history:

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