Georgia is on the Way to Becoming the Caucasus Las Vegas

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The rate at which Georgian gambling business is growing could very well make the country into a Las Vegas of Caucasus.

Georgia is living a period of true blossoming in respect to many industries. One of them is gambling and online gambling. They have been promises on behalf of the country’s leaders to heavily develop the tourist and gambling industries, and the promises were actually kept.

Georgian gambling laws fully allow gambling of any kind be that land-based casinos or online sports betting sites. This helps the industry to grow enormously. And the huge number of tourists coming into the country doesn’t hurt the gambling businesses either.

Only in 2012 Georgia was visited by roughly 4 million tourists, which considering the 4.5 million population is quite an achievement. The country is shaping up to be a primary tourist destination of the region.

Tourists don’t only come for the beauty and rich culture of Georgia. The fact that there are legal land-based and online casinos in Georgia attracts many gamers from the neighboring countries, where such activities are banned.

The top 3 countries from which gambling tourists are coming to visit Georgia are Turkey, Russia, and Azerbaijan. Georgian casinos are open to all visitors and gamers can indulge in their favorite gambling activities in luxurious and appealing settings.

Is everything nice and shiny in the land of free gambling?

The amount of taxes that the gambling industry is generating, allows the government to overlook several problems that the business is responsible for, for example problem gambling. However, the Parliament is already discussing law amendments to address this and another important issue: underage gambling.

Koba Davitashvili, a member of parliamentary majority, is one of the main opponents of rapid development of gambling in the country. He’s trying to at least limit the speed with which casinos and other gambling establishments are conquering even the far corners of Georgia.

Both large tax incomes and the tourism attractions that the gambling industry is bringing to Georgia, are the main reasons for government’s push to further develop the business. There are talks with international gambling groups to bring their establishments into the country. So, Georgia could very well become a Las Vegas of Caucasus.

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