German Market Continues to Grow Despite License Delay

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The German government are still dragging their feet over the award of 20 new licenses to bookmakers in the country, despite the continuous growth of the sector.

Indeed, it could still be a while before we see any new online sportsbooks in Germany, despite 41 operators submitting applications for the 20 new licenses in May 2013. The last delay announced by the German Interior Ministry was in November 2013, when the ministry decided that another round of applications was needed.

Germans Still Like a Bet

Despite these complications in German gambling laws, it seems the population still loves to bet just as much. Indeed, mobile gambling is expected to double in the European country by 2015. With smartphone usage rising substantially across Europe, German companies have been looking to take advantage.

While these delays in awarding licenses continue, however, German gamblers will continue to spend their money at foreign based sportsbooks, taking money out of the German economy. Indeed, mobile gambling is growing 19% per year, without punters having a huge selection of mobile casinos and sportsbooks to choose from.

Should the 20 new licenses appear over the horizon sometime in 2014, you can expect the German e-gambling sector to take off, as the government will undoubtedly take steps to prevent its citizens from gambling at foreign sites considering the upcoming choices they will have.

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