German Sports Betting Situation Gets Even Messier

Germany, Expect Delays

The development of sports betting regulations in Germany faces many difficulties and it seems that the situation will remain unsolved.

Germany is recognized by the public as one of the best-organized countries around the world. However, if things will proceed in the current pace and direction, the country`s betting license situation won`t be resolved in the near future. gambling news report about the resignation of all the Sport Advisory Board members, as their ideas were overlooked by the authorities.

The Sport Advisory Board was set up in order to help the government in the distribution of sports betting licenses. Its representatives were collected from the German sports sphere, so their expertise and experience would have been a definite help in the resolution of the license situation.

The debate will go on for a long time

The former members of the dispersed board felt that their recommendations were unwanted by the Hessian Ministry of the Interior and Sport. This administrative authority is connected to the government and is involved in the legal and technical supervision of many national units. According to the resigned members, they ignored all cooperation with them; therefore all their suggestions were in vain.

The major move was triggered by the ministry`s snub of a plan, concerning the licenses of 20 operators in the betting industry. The debate about Germany`s mobile betting status started long ago, and since then it attracted the attention of the EU, too. It appears that the position of the sport betting companies with interests in Germany will have to wait a lot for a satisfying decision.

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