Germany Nations League Betting odds: Is there Life After World Cup?

Germany doesn’t have much time to lick their wounds after their World Cup fiasco. The new tournament that replaces friendlies is drawing close. They will play the very first match of the competition with France on September 6. What do Germany’s Nations League betting odds suggest: will Die Mannschaft be able to redeem themselves?

Germany's UEFA Nations League odds
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Germany is hard at work to make adjustments before the Nations League, and not only because they want to save some face after their premature exit at the World Cup. The stakes will be very real at Europe’s newest tournament (for those unfamiliar with its rules, here is a short explanation and a longer one).

But before diving headfirst into a discussion of Germany’s Nations League odds, let us address the question in everyone’s mind: what caused the previous World Cup’s winning team to make online sportsbook news in Germany for all the wrong reasons this year?

What happened to Germany at the 2018 World Cup?

There is no consensus. Some blame Mesut Ozil. Others argue that the “most responsibility lies with coach Joachim Loew,” since he left out Leroy Sane and stuck to players who had brought him glory in the past but are now out of form. Overconfidence was also a factor. Loew himself admitted after their first group phase loss that the team had thought they could “just press the button and win.”

The coach’s future was uncertain after the loss to South Korea, with many voices saying that he should be fired. However, the federation has confirmed that he will remain in his post. What are the chances that he will manage to reorganize the midfield and find the solution for other problems the German team is facing?

Germany’s Nations League Odds

Germany's Nations League odds

Online betting sites in the UK suggest that we should not rule out a comeback by Die Mannschaft. Bet365 Sportsbook, for instance, expects Germany to win League A Group 1 and gives a 1.90 increase on that option (compare that to France’s 2.20 and the Netherland’s 9.00). In fact, they are the second favorite to win the entire tournament (5.00). Spain leads the bookies’ list by a relatively small margin (4.50).

This may be due to the depth of the pool of talent at the disposal of the German team. Their U-23 side, for instance, is one of the favorites to win the 2020 Football Olympics. The pressure is increasing on Loew to replace underperforming players with up-and-coming, hungry youngsters. If he finally makes those changes, his team may cause a pleasant surprise to football fans.

What if you are planning to bet against Germany?

Of course, there are many who no longer believe in Die Mannschaft. If you are one of them, consider betting on the Germany vs France Nations League match. France have been having a very successful World Cup, bringing considerable increases to punters placing money on them.

The  “draw or France” option is as safe as it gets: France have demonstrated in their round of 16 match against Argentina that they can make a comeback if needed. With the likes of Griezmann and Mbappe in their ranks, it would be an upset if they couldn’t get at least a draw with the struggling German team. The 1.75 increase offered for that option is very reasonable for a safe bet like this.

Of course, those willing to take risks could also check out the more rewarding but less predictable categories, such as “goals scored” or “winning margin.” Football enthusiasts will find a wide selection of offers at Bet365 Sportsbook regardless of whether they support France or Germany.

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