Place an Early Bet on the 2020 Football Olympics


Posted: June 26, 2018

Updated: June 26, 2018

While the majority of the football community is concentrating on the World Cup in Russia, there are a few who are already hard at work preparing for the next important tournament, the Olympic Games. Be one them: if you place an early bet on the 2020 Football Olympics, you might benefit from very favorable odds before they start changing as the event draws closer.

The U23 football tournament might not be the absolute highlight of the Olympic Games but it does not lack emotional moments. Its last installment allowed Brazil to take revenge on Germany for their 7-1 World Cup defeat. The win was a priority for the Brazilian squad and Neymar burst out in tears of joy after scoring the penalty that decided everything.

It is the anticipation of similar moments that inspire gamblers to bet on the 2020 Football Olympics. Here are our recommendations if you are also planning on trying your luck.

Should you bet on the Brazilian U23 squad?

Their status as the favorites (9/2) of online betting sites in the UK stems from their winning the gold medal in 2016. However, making them the favorites is a bit too optimistic: let us not forget that Brazil will have less motivation than last time around. Two years ago, they not only had to make up for their World Cup humiliation but were also coveting an Olympic gold medal as that had been absent from the nation’s trophy collection.

Brazil was ready to make sacrifices to ensure their success in 2016. They even made Neymar miss the Copa America so that he could better prepare for the Olympics. By contrast: whether he will participate in the 2020 installment, to be organized by Tokyo, is not clear. It is also noteworthy that even with Neymar they had a bumpy start in 2016 and could defeat Germany only on penalties.

Better bets on the 2020 Football Olympics

Germany (5/1) could easily make up for their 2016 loss in Tokyo. They have a wide selection of young players and have never struggled to find new talents.

However, the best candidate, in our opinion, is France. They will have Paris Saint-Germain player Kylian Mbappé in their ranks. His dribbling, finishing and passing skills have already decided matches at club level, so he is expected to shine even more radiantly at the U23 level.

Unibet Sportsbook offers 6/1 betting odds for France’s winning the 2020 Football Olympics. The promise of such an increase is worth a few Euros, isn’t it?

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