Get Involved with Apple Rumors: Bet on Gold iPhone X Release Date

bet on gold iPhone X release date

The rumor mill has it that Apple is introducing a new color variation for iPhone X: Blush Gold. When will it be confirmed? Lucky enough, we have the odds to help with your bet on gold iPhone X release date.

The first release date of iPhone X was in November 2017. We can only choose from two color options: Space Grey and Silver. The truth is Apple actually planned a gold version for the 2017 release. Sadly, production problems brought a halt to the plan.

With the update on iPhone X and its larger model coming up soon, ‘Blush Gold’ could make the color palette more exciting. So, should we bet on gold iPhone X release date to be in the summer or fall of 2018? Let’s have a look at the betting odds.

Summer Release Odds

According to the best online gambling sites in USA, the odds for gold iPhone X to be released in the summer of 2018 are at 1.7. The announcement could be made at the Worldwide Developers Conference which Apple will be hosting from June 4 to 8.

Apple hopes to boost iPhone X sales with the introduction of the new color. Despite the hype, iPhone X sold 3 million units less than the analysts expected. The summer release could be what it takes to bump up the numbers.

On the other hand, there is a possibility that iPhone X might be discontinued because of the lower sales. If you do not want to bet on gold iPhone X release date, consider betting on the discontinuation of iPhone X instead!

Fall Release Odds

The other likely release date of the gold iPhone X is on September, at the 2018 iPhone Launch Event. Many betting sites in USA estimate 2.05 for the announcement to be made after the summer. After all, the iPhone Launch is the perfect event to release all new iPhone products as the name suggested.

Bet on Gold iPhone X Release Date!

The gold iPhone X release date odds favor the 2018 summer release (1.7) more than the fall release (2.05). What is your view on the latest Apple rumors? You should go with your guts and bet on Apple’s decision at 1xBet Sportsbook!

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