FK Rostov v CSKA Moscow Odds Expect Loss for Home Team

FK Rostov v CSKA Moscow odds

The Russian Premier League is nearing the end of its 2017-18 season. It is now the 24th Matchday out of all 30. So, we will present the betting odds for FK Rostov v CSKA Moscow match, one of this week’s highlights.

All 16 teams in 2017-18 Russian Premier League have been showing off their skills in the regular season ever since start of Matchday 1. They will be able to see their results pay off on the 30th Matchday, which is roughly mid-May. FK Rostov and CSKA Moscow are among those teams striving for the final championship round.

This Sunday, on April Fools’, the two teams will be clashing with each other. It is FK Rostov’s home game and the venue will be at the Olimp-2 Stadium. What do the FK Rostov v CSKA Moscow odds say about the winner?

CSKA Moscow Wins Without A Doubt

Online betting sites in Russia predict 2.420 odds for CSKA Moscow to claim victory over FK Rostov, whose odds of winning are only at 3.570. No matter if it’s the current standings, most recent fixtures or head-to-head statistics; CSKA is stronger in every aspect. That’s precisely why the FK Rostov v CSKA Moscow odds favor them.

While Rostov is ranked 10th place on the current league standings, CSKA is among the top three favorites to become 2018 Russian Premier League Champion. CSKA also won 4 out of the 5 most recent matches, when compared to Rostov who only managed to win once. The head-to-head statistics between the two teams tell a similar story. Alas, the home team should be prepared to take the loss in stride!

How Many Goals Will Be Scored?

If you are gambling in Russia on the number of goals scored in this match, we’d say maximum 2. On average, CSKA Moscow scores 1.38 per match and FK Rostov, 0.82. The FK Rostov v CSKA Moscow odds predict 1.813 for less than 2 goals to be scored. That’s a good bet! Otherwise, you could also go with 2.070 odds for more than 2 goals to be scored in this match.

Bet on FK Rostov v CSKA Moscow Match!

The home team FK Rostov (3.570) hasn’t got much chance against CSKA Moscow (2.420) in the upcoming Matchday 24. You can also trust the FK Rostov v CSKA Moscow odds that the total goals scored would be less than 2 (1.813). What are you waiting for? Visit Pinnacle Sportsbook and bet on Russian Premier League now!

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