Ghanaian Envoy to Japan Says He Was Deceived Into Allowing Gamblers on the Embassy Premises

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Ghanaian Ambassador to Tokyo, who let gamblers onto the mission’s property, says he didn’t know what he was signing.

We have already reported on Ghana’s Ambassador to Japan, Edmond Kofi Agbenutse Deh, being involved in an illegal casino gambling in Tokyo. Japanese gambling news are now bringing fresh info suggesting the enjoy was deceived into signing documents unknowingly, which allowed for an underground gambling operation to take place in the Embassy.

According to the Ambassador himself, he believed the arrested gamblers were carrying out NGO activity in the building, moreover, they claimed the previous envoy didn’t object to subletting a part of the Embassy to the group.

Ambassador Deh has reportedly been asked to waive his diplomatic immunity and be questioned over the illegal casino operation breaking Japanese gambling laws at his official residence. This could lead to his recall from Japan.

The story

As reported before a gang of gamblers were concealing illegal gambling activity at the Ambassador’s residence, thinking the diplomatic immunity of the mission would stop police from raiding the building. However, Japanese authorities carried out a raid of the premises, arresting the gamblers and confiscating baccarat tables, and 12 million yen (over $100,000) in cash.

Gamblers, claimed that the NGO they were “operating” was especially helpful to Ghana, dealing with boreholes drilling. The envoy failed to authenticate this claim before signing the lease agreement. It seems that the Ambassador jumped the gun on signing the tenancy agreement, after being totally convinced by the gambling group.

Diplomatic scandal

It is truly astonishing how the crooks were able to convince the envoy, without providing a single piece of proof they were in fact engaged in NGO activities connected with borehole drilling. Adding fuel to the flame is the fact that communication between the envoy and the crooks have stopped after the deal was signed, effectively letting the gambling operation onto the mission’s property.

More information about illegal casino in Ghanaian Embassy in Tokyo

• Ghanaian Ambassador claims he was deceived by gamers into signing the lease agreement

• Gambling operation on the premises was illegal under Japanese gambling laws

• The Ghana envoy could be called back

When Tokyo police raided the premises and arrested the crooks, local news stations went wild, sparking a massive diplomatic unease between Japan and Ghana.

When Tokyo Metropolitan Police announced their raid in a casino located in Shibuya entertainment area, claiming it was operating illegally on the premises of the Ghanaian Embassy in Japan. The crooks were really surprised that the diplomatic immunity they expected to cover them, didn’t do much in this case.

Hannah Tetteh, the Foreign Affairs Minister, was not available for comment when the news were first reported in the media. The details of the raid described in the news have provided everyone with a clear picture of what exactly has happened. The Minister did share information on Facebook, that the investigations into the illegal activities have already commenced.

Lease contract details

According to the investigator’s team in the Tokyo police force, the contract of lease stipulated a 500,000 Yen ($5,000) monthly payment. Moreover, the name on the document was that of the previous Ghanaian Ambassador to Japan, Dr. William Mensah Brandful. Last March the details of the lease agreement were changed to feature the current envoy’s name, Edmond Kofi Agbenutse Deh.

It remains to be seen just how big of a diplomatic row this story will cause. Japan could find a way to settle the issue locally. In case the suggestions that the Ambassador didn’t know what he was signing and with whom turn out to be true, there seems little need for a diplomatic scandal.

Casinos in Japan

Why were Japanese crooks looking for such an elaborate way to conceal their illegal operation? Well, being what they thought to be protected by a diplomatic immunity, should’ve ensured they will not be bothered. But as we have learned, that wasn’t to be.

The only forms of gambling currently allowed in Japan are betting on races including horse, motorboat, motorcycle, and bicycle. Mahjong and pachinko, as well as lottery are also played with real money, but these activities are considered to be entertainment rather than gambling, and thus are legal.

Land-based and online casinos in Japan are outlawed, making the majority of gamers seek opportunities abroad, or at illegal gambling parlors. The lawmakers are trying to legalize land-based casinos since April last year, when a such a bill was submitted before the parliament.

Sportsbooks are also advocating the legalization of wagering opportunities on other sports, besides racing. Japan has a large number of football fans, and allowing betting on this sport with clear regulation and taxation schemes will surely enrich the government’s coffers.

Japanese gamers, however, do find ways to gamble and bet on sports at foreign-based online sites. While the government is trying to prevent the local population accessing off-shore gambling destinations, Japanese people continue to gamble online and will probably carry on doing so until online gambling becomes legal in the country.

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