Young Chennai Gambler Meets Grisly End

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25-year old runs afoul of local criminal gang due to gambling row, wife finds him lifeless in a pool of blood.

Reporters in Chennai, India have broken a story that a 25-year old painter, husband and father was hacked to death last Sunday night by a local gang over a gambling dispute. The man known as Mohan was found dead in the Tsunami Nagar district of the city, just several meters from the entrance to his home, in a sad case where gambling news intersects with the police blotter.

Local police are conducting a thorough investigation, and according to a statement by inspector Sivakumar “have secured around 10 persons immediately after the murder and have detained four of them.” Mohan was reportedly attacked while returning home from work in the evening.

Black market leads to unsavory characters doing unsavory things

Indian gambling laws prohibit the activity everywhere but in the remote states of Sikkim and Goa, so gambling is largely run by criminal gangs. A preliminary investigation found that Mohan had gotten into trouble with a gang leader known as Dhimmas, who is also a member of congress. While precise details are not known, the dispute is believed to have stemmed for a gambling debt owed to Dhimmas. Gang members had also recently threatened the life of Mohan’s young wife.

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