UK Gambling Commission Cracks Down On Illegal Poker Clubs

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The UK Gambling Commission has taken serious measures to put an end to illegal gambling activity

After police investigations into 3 members clubs close to London have been shut down by the Commission, with more likely to follow.

The Fifth Street card Club in Borehamwood has lost its gaming license, due to insufficient evidence that it was practicing a scrupulous business policy. Authorities claimed that it contradicted the spirit of the Licensing Act 2003.

Additionally, the Royal Surrey Social Club in Morden, Surrey, has also been instructed to shut down operations related to poker.

According to the UK gambling laws, commercial high-stakes poker is reserved for licensed casinos, as is dictated by the Gambling Act 2005.

Challenge for clubs to obtain gaming licenses

Although the practice of poker playing is allowed in members’ clubs, nevertheless certain requirements need to be met before operations can proceed on a small scale. Furthermore, the clubs main purpose must not be gambling.

Since July 2012, a total of 10 clubs across the UK have been ordered to cease poker operations. Due to increased concerns that applicants might misuse gaming licenses, various regions in the UK have refused permits.

Gambling Commission director of regulatory operations, Nick Tofiluk is adamant that the refusals of permits is a good starting point. He believes that cooperation with local authorities will lead to more illegal clubs shutting down.

It is believed the recent crack downs in poker rooms might result in players shifting to online poker sites in the UK.

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