Go For a “No” Bet on Scotland to Join the EU!

no bet on Scotland to join the EU

It’s true that the majority of the Scots want to join the EU. Yet, they don’t want to leave the UK either. Sadly, Scotland can’t have both. Does this dilemma mean a no bet on Scotland to join the EU is the better choice?

The European Union has its own application criteria. If Scotland wants to join, it has to be an independent country. According to online gambling sites in UK, the odds of Scotland not voting for independence from the United Kingdom are very high at 1/2. It’s not surprising the first Scottish independence referendum in 2014… failed. If they are not willing to leave the UK, the Scots can kiss goodbye to joining EU.

Say, the unlikely happened and Scotland became an independent country. There are still endless obstacles for them to face if Scotland applies to be part of the EU. The difficulties and conflicts involved here are enough for us to place a no bet on Scotland to join the EU.

Spain Doesn’t Want Scotland to Succeed

According to UK online gambling news, Spain frowns upon the idea of Scotland joining the EU. You might ask: why does Spain care so much? Well, it turn out that Spain has a hidden agenda. It’s not Scotland joining EU that bothers Spain; it’s about Scotland gaining independence.

Spain is having an internal conflict. Catalonia, which is a community in Spain, is campaigning hard become an independent country. Unlike the people of Scotland, the Catalans actually want the independence. After all, they have their own language, traditions and culture. The Catalans don’t identify themselves as Spanish.


It’s not a good sign for Scotland. Spain will do anything to prevent the Catalans from having more motivation if Scotland became independent. It includes putting pressure and even blocking Scotland from joining the EU. Knowing this, would you place a no bet on Scotland to join the EU?

The Process of Joining EU is Time-Consuming

Online sportsbook sites in UK predict the odds of a no bet on Scotland to join the EU by the end of 2021 at a high 1/10. Even if Spain doesn’t interfere, it still takes years for a country to be admitted into the EU under the Lisbon Treaty. Just look at the list of countries still waiting to be part of the EU such as Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Scotland will be next in line. It seems like a long wait!

Yes or No: Bet on Scotland to join EU!

Unibet Sportsbook is one of the few places where you can bet on the Scottish politics! If you want to know more about the “Yes” side and the odds for Scotland to join EU, read this article. Otherwise, you can also go ahead and bet on “No” for Scotland to join EU before the 31st of December of 2021!

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