Golf Betting System – Beginners’ Guide to Betting Strategies

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golf betting system

With more than 70 million active players in the world at the moment, golf is one of the most popular sports in the world. The history of it goes way back to the 15th century when the first mention of golf was recorded in the official document of Scotland. However, with the help of Tiger Woods and increased attention of the media, the used-to-be elite, closed club sport has gained more range in the public. Even though some people still refer to it as a luxury sport, millions of people don’t hesitate to try their luck on betting on it. However, in order to be profitable, knowing the golf betting system and strategies is a must.

Similar to any other sports, the outcome of the golf tournaments are unpredictable. However, by employing these strategies and following the tips, you can optimize your bets. Unlike racing, you can bet during the course of the game. Obviously, by the fourth day, the obvious favorite will be eliminated from the list. The strategies below work great but can be a little complicated. Fortunately, even if you don’t understand the core of them you can still use them thanks to the sites that simplify the process.

Basic golf betting systems for beginners

Each way arbitrage

Even though golf is almost the exact opposite of horse races, you can use the same strategies on both of them. Each way arbitrage or each way arbing is one of the most known golf betting systems. The concept is to create each way system around the player so that your bet will be low-risk and profitable. If you have ever placed a bet on horse races, you might be familiar with it. You can just check the box in a bet slip that says each way. Unfortunately, for golf, things are not as simple.

Each way is basically backing up the player so that as long as he places in the top places, you’re going to profit off of it. Let’s say that you place a 10£ on a player in an each-way arbitrage. This means that you’ll have 2 betting slips with 5£ of value. If the player gets the first place, you’re going to win both of them. If he’s placed on the top places, then you lose the first one but still get some return from your second slip. The number of places varies depending on the number of contestants in the tournament. For golf, it’s usually three, or four at most.

You should really study the odds carefully in order for this strategy to work. The outcome of your place bets should be higher than the amount of money you’ve placed in the first place. Tournaments with one or two short-priced clear favorites would be the optimal place to apply this system. The fool-proof method would be to look at every tournament of that day and check out the odds. For example, if you’re in the UK, online betting sites in the UK or online sportsbooks in the UK would be a great help.

Easiest golf betting system- Backing stable of players

Backing more than one player or dutching is probably one of the most low-risk golf betting systems. Basically, you’re just spreading your risk by dividing your money on several stable players instead of one favorite. In order to make this strategy and be profitable, you should make a list of the players that you think the bookmakers have underestimated. That’s why it might be one of the most suitable approaches for golf. There’s no absolute favorite when it comes to golf and it’s common to see not so popular players getting the trophies.

golf betting system
Will you go low or high risk?

When choosing the players, take the weather and golf course into the account. Choose one from the afternoon games and one from the morning so that if something happens during that time, you’ll still have a back-up. However, betting on tens of players just to make sure won’t be a sensible thing to do. You’ll just end up wasting money on the bet slips and your prize money won’t be able to cover it. There’s no no-risk golf betting system. So choose two or three players that you think are going to be in the top three places and back them up.

Trading or laying your bets

This one is not necessarily a golf betting system, but surely you can use this to minimize your risk. Trading or laying your bets has been common in many sports for a long time. During the course of the tournament, you can either lay or trade your bet in order to secure the profit. For example, if you have gotten a 50£ bet at 12/1 and decide to lay it when the odds come down to the 2/1. That will give you a liability of 100£, but the outcome of the win would easily cover it. If you don’t win then the stake is covered, so your liability will be lifted.

If you can calculate the math accurately and choose the right timing, you can secure a profit in any turn of events. Doing the calculations to make sure that you’re at least covering your liability is essential. With trading, you can not only minimize the risk but also profit from the bets that would’ve been lost if not traded. We’ve mentioned before that there’s no risk-free golf betting system, but this might be the one closest to it. Obviously your profit would be less than what you would’ve gotten, but the profit is almost always guaranteed. However, you have to know how to calculate exactly how much you should lay in order to make it work. Also, you need to follow the whole game closely to maximize your profit at Bet365 Sportsbook.

Tips on betting that can optimize the golf betting systems

Now that you have a grasp about the golf betting systems more or less, we’re going to share some tips. These might come off as trivial, but they affect the outcome so much that you can’t simply ignore them. If you use them smartly along with the golf betting systems above, it can be a great help to minimize the risk and maximize the profit. Obviously these are not the optimum solutions but more of a stepping stone for advanced level.

Avoid media-hyped big names

As mentioned above, it’s common to see the first-timers to win the big games. Just because someone won the previous game doesn’t mean he has to win now. Winning one golf tournament is hard enough, winning several back-to-backs is less common than you expect. So don’t just place bets because everybody else is doing so. For example, Tiger Woods is one of the most popular athletes in golf, but he’s not even in the top 10 athletes in the world ranking.

golf betting system
Don’t follow the hype!

Know the course well

There’s probably no course that is identical to one another. Every course is different and consists of several different parts. Obviously the players are experienced and trained for different types of landscapes, some just perform better on the specific landscapes. So make sure to know the course of the tournament and see your favorite player’s performance on a similar track.

Pay attention to the weather

If you’ve ever played a course in golf you’d know how much the weather affects the game. Rain, heat, wind- all these things that bother you work the same for the professional athletes too. They handle them much better, but still can’t avoid it fully. So make sure to check the weather forecast of the day. For example, when it rains, the grass would be damp, thus shortening the length of the path that the ball rolls. Players who hit more straightforward with more force would benefit from it while the ones who utilize the grass roll might find it harder to cope with. Now, we know that looking at the weather forecast is not really a golf betting system. You don’t have to try to be a meteorologist to bet on a game of golf. Just make sure that you know about your favorite player’s performance in different weathers.

You can see more about these odds here at Bet365 Sportsbook.

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