Golovkin vs. Brook: Betting Guide

GGG vs Brook fight

In just one week, boxing fans around the world will be treated to Golovkin vs. Brook, one of the biggest middleweight bouts in recent memory.

It’s safe to say Gennady Golovkin is the scariest puncher in boxing today. That’s saying a lot, especially considering he fights at 160 pounds. The Kazakhstani fighter holds the highest knockout ratio in middleweight championship history, and hasn’t seen the judges’ scorecards since 2008 over 21 fights.

On September 10th, Golovkin faces one of his toughest tests to date opposite British IBF champion Kell Brook. Like GGG, Brook is entering the fight undefeated with a 36-0 record and 25 knockouts. Many fans were disappointed that Golovkin wasn’t paired up with Canelo Alvarez, but this bout with Brook seems to be the second best option. Let’s take a look at both fighter’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the betting lines set by Bet365 for next weekend’s Golovkin vs. Brook showdown.

Size Advantage

When the fight was first announced, most analysts assumed Golovkin would hold the size advantage inside the ring. Brook is jumping up two weight classes for this fight, a bold move against a fighter with as much power as GGG has.

To the surprise of many, the fighter’s most recent weigh ins made UK gambling news when it was revealed that Brook is actually the heavier man entering the fight. The Englishman stepped on the scale at 167.8 pounds, while Golovkin weighed just 162.9. Of course, the official weigh ins require both fighters to be at 160, but it seems possible that Brook will be the bigger man come fight night.

Brook UK boxer

Suprisingly, Kell Brook is coming into the fight heavier than GGG (photo:

Brook’s coach feels his fighter will actually perform better at middleweight. It was no secret that the cut to welterweight was a struggle for the Englishman, and entering this fight at a more natural weight should help his cardio.

Advantage: Brook

Power Advantage

If there is one glaring advantage between these two fighters, it lies in punching power. GGG is the far more dangerous puncher, and masterfully combines head and body strikes to cripple his opponents. That is no knock on Brook. Golovkin will likely hold the power advantage over any fighter he faces.

Brook is certainly a hard hitter. His most recent fight was a KO victory over the highly-touted Canadian Kevin Bizier. Brook has serious power, but it remains whether he has the ability to hurt an opponent that fights two weight classes above his own. Bet365’s odds of 1/8 favorite for Golovkin likely stem from his perceived power advantage

Advantage: Golovkin

Speed Advantage

Traditional theory suggests that the smaller man should be quicker, but that may not be the case here. In addition to huge power, GGG is one of the fastest strikers the middleweight division has ever seen, and could conceivably be the quicker man on September 10th.

Golovkin punching guy

Golovkin uses blitzing speed to finish his opponents (photo:

If power was the easiest advantage to call here, speed is likely the toughest. Brook is a tremendously fast puncher in his own right, and utilizes great footwork to stay out of his opponents range. He has been mentioning speed through the build up to the match, and must feel that is one of his keys to victory against the Kazakh.

Advantage: Even

Defensive Advantage

One of the reasons Gennady Golovkin is such a masterful knockout artist is because he is willing to throw himself into harm’s way during fights. He is known for having one of the toughest chins in boxing, having never been knocked down in any of his 375 combined fights.

Kell Brook is a great defensive fighter in his own right. He will sometimes drop his hands in order to confuse opponents, but has great ring awareness at all times.

This is another tough advantage to call. Brook is likely the more defensive oriented fighter, but has shown he can be lulled into a brawl at times. Golovkin’s defensive style is more about taking 3 light shots to land 1 hard one of his own. His chin allows him to drop defense at times, and against Brook he will likely continue that strategy.

Advantage: Brook

Experience Advantage

Entering into the September 10th Golovkin vs. Brook fight, both fighters are undefeated with almost the same amount of professional bouts. GGG sits at 35-0, while Brook comes in a 36-0. On paper, it looks as if the experience advantage slightly lies with Brook, but that is certainly not the case.

GGG experience factor

Gennady Golovkin has a combined 375 fights under his belt (photo:

Gennady Golovkin has over 340 amateur bouts under his belt. He took home a silver medal at the 2004 Olympic Games, and has competed in bouts all around the world. Despite having one less professional bout, Gennady likely holds the experience advantage here as well, fighting a higher level of pro competition over the past five years.

Brook has faced every challenger that was put in front of him, but has not taken on the elite of the elite, apart from Shawn Porter, who he beat by a narrow majority decision. There’s no denying that he faces the toughest test of his career next weekend, and will need to be on his A-game in order to pull off the upset victory.

Advantage: Golovkin

Both fighters will be entering the fight with certain strengths, but it will be who wants the victory more that comes out victorious. Bet365 lists Kell Brook as a big 5/1 underdog, and Golovkin the 1/8 favorite.

Are you planning to bet on the Golovkin vs. Brook fight next weekend? Who do you think comes out with the victory? Leave your comments below, and make sure to check out GamingZion’s list of UK gambling news to find the best websites for betting on Golovkin vs. Brook.

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