Greatest Underdog Victory to Make America Great Again?


Posted: November 9, 2016

Updated: November 9, 2016

Donald Trump having been elected as the next President of the United States the greatest underdog victory in the history of political betting?

Leicester City won the Premier League last season, which was one of the greatest underdog victory stories of the past few decades. Later on, The UK voted Leave in the Brexit referendum. Not many would have thought that this year could be topped in regards of political betting, but the US Presidential Election crowned the whole year of 2016. Donald Trump becoming the next President of the United States is one of the greatest underdog victory stories as online sportsbooks in the US expected Hillary Clinton to win the elections and hence making her husband Bill Clinton the First Lady.

Literally nobody expected Trump to win

And that’s not just an exaggeration! All polls, all political analysts, all surveys, the entire media and every single one of the online sportsbooks predicted Hillary Clinton to become the next President of the United States. The greatest underdog victory was a highly unlikely scenario up until they started counting the votes.

Not even Trump believed in himself. Few days before the election, in the presidential debates, he stated that upon losing the elections, he will claim that the votes were rigged. He didn’t believe in being capable of creating one of the greatest underdog victories of all time. And there is nothing wrong with that! He wasn’t alone with that thought really. There were many of us who were sure that he was just a clown who will eventually get out of the race.

The odds for Trump to win the US Presidential Elections started from (150/1) the most US betting sites. His odds were crystal clear: Trump started as an underdog but fought hard enough to be „crowned” eventually. He won the prestigious seat despite the fact that more people actually voted for Hillary Clinton – not like it hasn’t happened before, remember Al Gore from 2000?

Now that Trump won…is it the Apocalypse?

Even on the Election Day, Hillary Clinton’s victory went at 1.10 (1/10) while the odds for Trump to win were at 11.00 (10/1). The constant scandals and mass hysteria around Donald Trump made people believe that he actually has no chance. That he will not be able to win the elections. But democracy showed its strength (strength?) once again; people made their voice be heard: the angry little man has been voted.

Greatest underdog victory results in political betting records

Upon this great underdog victory, online betting news in the USA keep spreading the panic how the world is about to end now that Donald J. Trump became the leader of the most powerful country in the world. Let’s just ignore that and accept the fact that life goes on. Just like life went on after Brexit as well, although we will probably have to hear the fake panic upon the next few days, maybe even weeks until these voices go silent.

Instead of these, let’s focus on the online betting facts: no political event has ever generated so much income as the US Presidential Election in 2016. Online sportsbooks in the UK are quite happy about the results as their income increased incredibly thanks to this weird nightmare of the average Democrat voter.

75% of political bettors put their money on Hillary Clinton’s triumph. Only the quarter of online bettors believed that this greatest underdog victory ever can be achieved. They were right and probably happy about their money, and so are online sportsbooks in the UK, who generated a total of GBP 200 million, more than GBP 100 million more compared to the income generated by Brexit betting.

Don’t stop betting on politics!

If you placed a bet on the outcome or any betting market of the US Presidential Election and enjoyed it, you better know that political betting is not just a one-time thing in every 4 years. You can actually find tons of offers to bet on politics. For example, next year we will see the Presidential Election in France. Seeing the far right’s movements all around the world, maybe placing a bet on Le Pen winning would not be such a bold idea at this point…

If you want to learn more about your possibilities in regards of political betting and novelty betting, feel free to check out our recommendations of the best novelty bets that you can make. Leave a comment below to let us know how you wagered and what you think is the most likely event to happen!

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