Don’t Bet On Soccer? How About The USA vs Mexico On Friday?

USA vs Mexico

If you don’t think the universe has a sense of humor you only need glance at the headlines screaming about Donald Trump rising to the Presidency of the United States, and then look at the schedule for 2018 World Cup qualifying matches. This Friday, as part of the CONCACAF qualification group the freshly Trumpificated United States takes on, guess who? That’s right. Mexico. Because whatever else happens you can always bet on soccer to have no sense of its own ridiculousness.

USA vs Mexico

• 2018 World Cup qualifier
• Friday 11th November
• 19:45hrs ET
• MAPFRE stadium
• Columbus, Ohio

In the Rorschach politics of Post-Truth Democracy(tm) it can be quite tricky to understand what is actually happening, and by the time you do, something else has occurred. Perpetually off-balance and with no adequate response to the bewildering array of issues facing the world many people seek solace in their favorite sports, and whilst International Football is still not overly popular in the USA one gets the feeling that even if they don’t bet on soccer often, plenty of Americans will watch their next match.

The chilly MAPFRE Stadium in Ohio will on Friday host the US national team as they seek qualification for the 2018 World Cup in Russia (a different joke the universe is saving for later) in a match against Mexico a nation that can quite rightly feel somewhat slighted by the man their bigger neighbor has just elected President. If you’re in the US gambling news guess again, and if you bet on soccer, bet on a nasty atmosphere.

Can The US And Mexican Teams Keep Their Temper?

President-Elect Trump (possibly the most frightening words I’ve ever typed) kicked off his run for the White House with a speech that said all Mexicans in the United States were drug mules and rapists, he threatened to deport all Latino immigrants back to Mexico and kept on screaming about building a wall on the southern border and getting the Mexican tax payer to cough up for it. Mexicans, in return, don’t like him much either and you can bet on soccer fans to make that known. If there are any there.

Odds On USA vs Mexico

• USA – 13/8
• Mexico – 13/8
• Draw – 23/10

I’m not saying there would be crowd trouble. You can’t bet on Soccer in the US having the same sort of hooliganism associated with it as it does elsewhere, the US police have guns and don’t mind using them, but the atmosphere in the stadium will hardly be pleasant. The nasty racist rhetoric of Donald Trump, and his victory in the election, will embolden those with racist views, and if you’re in the US gambling laws of common courtesy will prevent it raising its ugly head on Friday in Ohio. Think again.

Bet365 Has All The Odds If You Want To Bet On Soccer

The rivalry between these two sides was already pretty heated. Back in 1997 fans threw bags of urine at the US goalie Brad Friedel, and following US player Landon Donovan urinating on a Mexican pitch the crowd chanted the name of Osama Bin Laden as the US were beaten 4-0. You can only bet on Soccer between these two continuing the tradition, and with a massively pro-US crowd who’ve just elected a man whose campaign centered around anti-Mexican sentiment distasteful scenes are likely.

In such an atmosphere you can expect the game itself to be very hard fought, and the bookies like Bet365 are to a large degree keeping their powder dry as they foresee a very cagey match. This is one neither team will want to lose, and the 23/10 odds on a draw reflect that, as do the suspiciously equal odds given on the teams, level pegging at 13/8 for those of you that like to bet on sports in the US. Which should you choose if you’re going to bet on Soccer this Friday? That probably depends which side of the wall you’re on.

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