Top 5 Novelty Bets You Can Actually Make

Posted: October 25, 2016

Updated: October 25, 2016

If you’re looking to wager on something other than just sports and casino games, check out these top 5 novelty bets you can make today!

Novelty bets are becoming more and more popular. Many great gambling sites are now offering betting lines for everything from TV shows to pop culture. Here are 5 of the best novelty bets today!

Who Will Play Jamie Vardy on Film?

Jamie Vardy has emerged as one of the most popular athletes in the UK. The Leicester City striker was voted the Premier League Player of the Year for the 2015-2016 season, scoring 24 goals and being a team leader in Leicester City’s Premier League championship win.

Reports of a movie being made about Vardy began circulating in May of 2016. His story of being cut from Sheffield Wednesday to becoming one of the best players in the world is perfect movie material, and immediately people began to wonder who would play Vardy in the movie.

Today, a number of online sportsbooks in the UK, including PaddyPower, offer betting lines for who will play the part of Jamie Vardy. Somewhat bizarrely, it is Zac Efron who is the betting favorite to get the role with odds of 3/1. Andrew Garfield, James Corden, Ben Wishaw, and Robert Pattinson are the next most likely, all with odds of 10/1. A number of other possibilities include Daniel Radcliffe and Leonardo Di Caprio.

William and Kate Novelty Bets

You can’t make a list of the top 5 novelty bets without mentioning two of the UK’s most famous people. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are the center of many great novelty bets from PaddyPower, but the most popular bet on these two are on the sex of their third baby. The odds are completely even for this wager, with 5/6 for both a girl and a boy.

Bet on William and Kate

You can now bet on William and Kate’s new baby! (photo:

A number of other betting lines are available for the Duke and Duchess, including for them to have twins, and have triplets. For a full list of William and Kate betting odds, check out PaddyPower.

Bet on the Existence of Aliens

Much of the world is torn on whether extra-terrestrials actually exist. With NASA and SpaceX now exploring more of the solar system than ever before, and the possibility that humans may walk on Mars within 5 years, there are some that believe we may soon discover life outside of earth, even if that means microbial life.

The discovery of alien life would be perhaps the greatest discovery of all time, and a number of online gambling sites in the UK will allow you to place bets on when this discovery will take place. Alien life betting might seem like a strange choice for a top 5 novelty bets list, but we felt it could pique a couple people’s interest.

The highest alien life betting odds are for the discovery to take place sometime after 2020. These odds are currently at 1/100. The odds for aliens to be discovered in 2017, 2018, and 2019 are all the same at 50/1. For the discovery to take place in the final two months of 2016, the betting odds are at 80/1.

Bet on the Next UK City of Culture

The UK City of Culture is a title that is given once every four years to the city people feel most represents UK culture. In 2013, the city of Kingston upon Hull made UK gambling news by winning the title, and in 2021 a new winner will be crowned. PaddyPower is offering betting lines for the contending cities, so let’s take a look at some of the possibilities!

Hull UK city

Hull won the UK City of Culture for 2017 (photo:

The betting favorite to win the next UK City of Culture is the western-midland city of Coventry, with odds of 2/1. The second most likely city is Perth, in central Scotland. Perth’s odds to win are currently at 4/1. Cardiff is the third most likely at 5/1.

Who Will be Next to Host the Late Late Show?

The Late Late Show is one of the most popular talk-shows on TV today. There have been four guests so far in the show’s history, and many are wondering who will follow in current host, James Corden’s footsteps.

Irish TV presenter Miriam O’ Callaghan is favored to be the next Late Late show host with odds of 4/7. Behind her is popular Irishman Ray D’Arcy, with odds of 5/2. The third betting favorite to become the next host is Irish journalist Claire Byrne, whose odds are currently at 8/1.

These top 5 novelty bets from PaddyPower all offer great chances to win money, and are an unusual and fun way to bet money on things you normally wouldn’t. So what are you waiting for? Join PaddyPower today (and feel free to check out our PaddyPower bingo review) and start placing your bets!

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