Unibet’s Safe Betting System Guaranteed by FIFA’s EWS


Posted: October 25, 2016

Updated: October 25, 2016

FIFA seeks to find new ways to secure the integrity of sports and betting and to avoid gambling frauds as much as possible. That’s why they linked up with Unibet in hopes of creating an outstandingly safe betting system.

Online gambling news in the UK report that the cooperation agreement between Unibet and Early Warning System has been finalized: Unibet will, from now on be able to offer an incredibly safe betting system due to their cooperation with FIFA’s subsidiary. The new deal is about to make Unibet one of the safest online betting sites and joining them will surely be one of the safest ways to bet online.

The safe betting system will work in an actual cooperative way: the goal of the collaboration is to improve prevention measures as well as educating on sports betting integrity. In addition, Unibet and EWS will also exchange information in hopes of avoiding the vast majority of glitches in betting.

FIFA and Unibet fight match fixing together

Unibet’s sports betting integrity officer spoke about the deal, explaining the main targets and how the safe betting system will work: „We operate under the ’see something, say something’ approach” – said Eric Konings. By this, he means that whenever they notice a suspicious gambling activity, they will immediately let FIFA know thanks to the safe betting system.

The representative of one of the most popular online sportsbooks in the UK has also said that they hope to beat match fixing. That’s the main reason why they cooperate with FIFA and its subsidiary. “We hope to keep the world of sports and our platform free of criminal activity” – Konings said.

Developing the safest way to bet on sports is not the only new project that Unibet has launched recently: they have just released the brand new BetUP system, of which you can learn more by clicking HERE. To learn more about one of the safest betting sites, you can read our Unibet review here.

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