Grey Cup Betting Odds Give Calgary The Edge Over Toronto

Grey Cup Betting odds

The CFL is reaching it’s climax next week with those attending the 105th Grey Cup betting it’ll be an exciting match up repeating the 100th incarnation when last these two giants went head to head. That time round it was the team from Toronto, the Argonauts, who took the victory and you can bet on the Calgary Stampeders to be looking to get revenge this time round, but which of them should you back at BetVictor Sportsbook and the like if you’re apt to bet on sports in Canada? We take a look.

That Canadian football is different to American football is one of those things you find out more than once. Mostly because if you don’t already know the chances are you’re from neither country and don’t particularly care, but partly because once told it’s very easy to forget, again because it doesn’t really matter to anyone else. American football is played by no one else and if you watch the Grey Cup betting one day your nation too will play the Canadian version of the game, seek professional help.

Calgary Stampeders

Calgary Stampeders (source:

The fact is that these ghastly sports should have the word “Football” stripped from their names, the rest of the world already has a game called Football and these minority fringe groups with their pads, helmets and a rugby ball (of all things) should give it a rest. Tell a real football fan there’s a difference between the game they play in the CFL and that seen in the NFL and their reaction will be universal; Who cares? Grey Cup betting is thus rather an exclusive wager and the odds on offer are rather tastey.

There’s A Difference Between American And Canadian Football?

Grey Cup

  • 105th Game
  • CLF Championship
  • 27th November 2017
  • TD Place Stadium
  • Ottawa, Canada

Now obviously I’ve no intention of minutely examining the differing rules and team compositions that provide some sort of difference between Canadian football and American football, at best it would be pandering and at worse might make some of these colonial chappies believe I approve of their behavior. I don’t. Neither nation plays cricket properly, which says it all, and whilst we get ready for a glorious Ashes contest in Australia they’re left with nought but a little Grey Cup betting to console them.

We should, I suppose, be thankful they’ll be taking advantage of Canadian gambling laws to wager on a sport that is at least recognizable as being one. This stands in marked contrast to that Stanley Cup nonsense that seems to be won by whomever can fight best on ice skates, and frankly puts those brightly dressed muppets that slide down snow quickly in the shade. Grey Cup betting might not quite be my cup of tea but it IS the highlight of the CFL and it will be a showcase of excellence. I guess.

Do All Your Grey Cup Betting At BetVictor Sportsbook

Grey Cup Betting Odds

Calgary Stampeders – 8/11
Toronto Argonauts – 9/2

Jason, as I recall from the fabulous 1963 Ray Harryhausen movie, led his Argonauts though many trials and tribulations although I doubt the boys from Toronto are going to have to fend off a Skeleton army, deal with giant bronze automatons like Talos or the clashing rocks of the Symplegades, and I certainly won’t be watching the Grey Cup betting they might, although any of those might be preferable to the Calgary Stampeders who can, at least, play the game, and get quite reasonable odds at BetVictor Sportsbook.

Toronto Argonauts

Toronto Argonauts (source: Toronto Argonauts)

The Stampeders get, if you’re apt to do some Grey Cup betting, around 11/8 at BetVictor Sportsbook and that seems about right for a team that will be looking to set the record straight and get back on level pegging after five years. Those in Canada gambling news headlines on the 28th will be of a repeat win by the Argonauts can get 9/2 at BetVictor Sportsbook on them doing so but the smart money will still be on Calgary to make this the crowning glory of their 2017 season, and they way they’ve been playing, it just might be.

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