Grid Girls Go Leaving F1 Betting On Kids Improving Image

Grid Girls Go Leaving F1 Betting On Kids Improving Image

In an effort to disguise the fact Formula One is a bunch of posh rich boys driving quickly in circles and so complex you need a masters degree in mechanical engineering, computer programming and aerodynamics to understand what’s going on the American owners have decided to rid themselves of the leggy Grid Girls and replace them with kids to exchange the “Phoarr” factor with an “Awww” factor, but does this really signal bigger changes for those of us that do our F1 betting at BetVictor?

  • Can the glamour of Formula One survive a lack of bimbos at the back?
  • Will the addition of Grid Kids lure a family audience to Formula 1?
  • Are the US owners of F1 betting PC moves will help it gain some credibility?
  • Does this inane controversy just distract from the big issues in Formula One?

Swapping pretty girls for kids is nothing new, just ask the Vatican, but alarmingly the reaction to F1 betting an absence of women as mere adornments might do wonders for their image seems to have been worryingly mixed. Instead of greeting this overdue change with wholehearted enthusiasm a large section of the tabloid press decided it was political correctness gone mad, greeting the grid girls going as they did the end of slavery, giving women the vote and the downfall of that nice chap Mr Hitler.

This sort of reactionary response was to be expected and ignored, the world moves on and F1 betting it is better to move with it than against it is no surprise, the sport joining the PDC in ridding itself of the trappings of a bygone age this year and copying the tried and tested format football has been using for years introducing Grid Kids. Anyone in the UK gambling news of this minor variation from the norm will cause the sport to lose some of its flavor probably works for a tabloid and misses the days of Page 3.

Is It Political Correctness Gone Mad Or Merely The 21st Century?

Whilst F1 betting on the development of a more family friendly atmosphere is a step in the right direction it could be a tad optimistic of it to believe this might attract a few more people to spend silly quantities of money on an uncomfortable day out giving themselves RSI of the neck to view a sport that is better watched at home on television. Sure, you miss out on the amazing atmosphere of actually attending an F1 race, but since that atmosphere is mostly hydrocarbon pollution is that a bad thing?

If you like to bet on sports in the UK and number F1 betting among your choice of wagers at BetVictor now and then, Formula One has other, larger, issues to face up to. The massive technical complexity, the horrible focus on safety and the drivers all displaying the PR-created personality of a poorly planed plank are each far more important to those of us that regularly watch and whilst introducing the possibility of a small child getting hit by a speeding race car is great, it just might not be enough.

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Grid Girls Go

(source: The Drive)

Of course there’s technically no such thing as bad publicity (although Donald Trump is giving proving otherwise a dashed good go) and with Kelly Brooks offering her opinion (she was a Grid Girl before she featured in One Big Happy for Ellen DeGeneres, and Toto Wolff being forced to demonstrate absolute ambivalence it has drawn public attention back to the sport in time for the new season where Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull will once again battle it out for your F1 betting pleasure at BetVictor.

It’ll come as no surprise to those used to taking advantage of UK gambling laws to be told that Lewis Hamilton is still odds on favourite to win the 2018 F1 Drivers Championship, his 6/5 streets ahead of Sebastian Vettel on 3/1, Max Verstappen on 4/1 and Daniel Ricciardo at 7/1. Sure you could do some F1 betting on Alsonso or Bottas at 16/1 or Kimi Raikkonen at 33/1 at BetVictor but why would you when you can back Vettel or Max? It would be like keeping the Grid Girls around in 2018; Pointless.

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