Six Nations Wagers Get Interesting After Round One

Posted: February 7, 2018

Updated: May 22, 2018

The Six Nations got underway last weekend, albeit somewhat eclipsed by the razzmatazz of the Super Bowl across the Atlantic, and right from the off you could tell this wasn’t going to be an easy competition for any of the sides to win as Wales battered the Scots, Italy scored points against England and Ireland just about teased a win over the French, the question is now we see the form of the teams which of them should your Six Nations wagers at BetVictor centre on? We take a look.

  • Have the Scots lost all hope of a Six Nations victory?
  • Could the Italians surprise the Irish this weekend?
  • Can the French bounce back from their first round defeat?
  • Should you bet on England to win the Six Nations this year?

The Saturday start of the Six Nations saw jubilant crowds, excited pundits and some of the best Rugby you’ll see played anywhere, and between Wales demolishing Scotland like they had something against Haggis and the Irish and French arm wrestling to the bitter end you couldn’t have asked for a more eventful beginning to this superb if rough-around-the-edges competition, well unless your prior Six Nations wagers had been on Scotland, because the poor folk from North of the border got hammered.

Battered worse than a deep fried Mars bar Scotland’s hopes died at the Principality Stadium as the Welsh pretty much ignored their presence, scored almost at whim and ground the much touted Scots Revival into the turf face first. The final score was 34-7 but the damage done to Scottish egos by Warren Gatland and Co far greater than that margin reflects, the embarrassment palpable, the change in odds for those that like to bet on sports in Europe and place some Six Nations wagers just as obvious.

Scotland Battered Like A Deep Fried Mars Bar

BetVictor will now give you 7/1 on the Welsh winning the Six Nations, and the Irish get a nicer 6/4 after their tense slow burn of a game against the French that seemed at times more akin to something from a Flanders field than the Stade de France. Perhaps the Irish made heavy weather of it, perhaps the French just played better than everyone expected but it was a thriller none the less with the Irish just getting a 15-13 win at the last, and doing their morale no harm at all after a gritty day’s performance.

England kicked off their run at the Six Nations against the Italians which is as easy a start as one could wish for, the result never really in doubt, George Ford and Owen Farrell ensuring a comfortable scoreline come the finish, and the real story is that Benvenuti and Bellini were able to score at all to make it 15-46. England are still odds on favorites to take the title, and if you’re going to take advantage of European gambling laws at BetVictor taking the 8/11 they’re offering is no bad idea, they’ll only shorten.

All Six Nations Wagers Available At BetVictor

Of course the next round presents some Six Nations wagers that don’t require predicting the competition winner and if you head on over to BetVictor you’ll find there’s some great opportunities as the Irish take on the Italians, England have to square up against Wales, and the demoralized Scots get to face off against the disappointed French. Naturally you’ll not get much of a margin on England, they’re 2/11 as opposed to the Welsh 4/1, but a draw at 25/1 could a neat idea if England aren’t on top form.

Six Nations Wager

(source: Scottish Rugby Union)

BetVictor will give you 1/2 on the Scots to beat France, although the French do get 13/8 to pull off a sneaky win, and that might be an earner if the Scots don’t pull their finger out and I’d not make any of my Six Nations wagers a draw between these two teams. Likewise Ireland vs Italy is going to be a bit of a walk over with the Italians 14/1 to win and a draw 100/1 at BetVictor the Irish being 1/50 favorites will not be making European gambling news headlines because it’s like saying snow is cold and wet.

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