Guide on How to Bet on Padel Online: Tips and More!

  • Padel expected to be among new weird sports to bet on
  • The World Padel Tour is currently the sport’s largest circuit
  • WPT tournaments are expected to be the top outrights on offer
How to bet on padel online

Padel is a growing racquet sport which combines elements of tennis and squash. The sport is continuously developing and is starting to gain worldwide popularity. Consequently, several bookmakers will be looking to offer betting opportunities on the sport. Fortunately, we’ve prepared a guide on how to bet on padel online to prepare you for the possible padel competitions. 

History of Padel on our how to bet on padel online guide

Various theories regarding the origins of padel have surfaced over the years. However, according to our how to bet on padel online guide, padel enthusiasts can certainly agree on one version. This is that Enrique Corcuera invented padel in 1969, in Mexico.

Firstly, Corcuera had insufficient land to build a tennis court. Nevertheless, this pushed him to plan and build a 20m x 10m court enclosed by 3m high walls. Furthermore,  he added the use of a flat wooden racquet. As a result, padel was born. 

Later, Corcuera’s friend Alsonso de Hohenlohe exported the sport to Spain. Five years later, he helped with the establishment of the first padel courts at the Marabella Club. Subsequently, the new sport gained a considerable following in the country. 

Later, the sport became popular in Argentina. In the following decades, the sport started to take shape with the establishment of clubs dedicated to padel. Consequently, by 2005, Padel Associations came together to finally establish an International Championship to be hosted by Spain. This resulted in the Padel Pro Tour. 

In 2013, the Padel Pro Tour was replaced by the World Padel Tour as the main circuit. The World Padel also expands to Argentina, Dubai and Portugal. Be sure to keep an eye on betting sites such as 1xBET Sportsbook for World Padel Tour games. 

Basic padel rules 

Our guide on how to bet on padel says that the game is an easy game to play and follow. Furthermore, those who follow tennis will find the game to have similar characteristics and rules. Fortunately, we’ve laid out the basic rules to prepare bettors when odds are out on sites such as 1xBET Sportsbook

First, a padel game resembles a doubles tennis match. However, the major differences are that padel matches are played on a smaller and enclosed court. Additionally, the ball can be played off the walls. 

The use of walls adds an exciting dynamic to the game and allows for tricks shots and rallies. Second, the service has to be hit over the net and must land into the opposite diagonal square. Additionally, the service is can only be played underarm. 

How to bet on padel online
Are you playing?

Lastly, padel uses the same point scoring system used in tennis. Consequently, winning a set will require a team to collect six games with a two games difference. However, one more game will result if the score lands at 6-5. 

Furthermore, a tie-break will result in the case of a 6-6 score. 

How to bet on padel online

Padel is starting to become more popular across the world with more professional competitions, particularly in Spain and Argentina. Consequently, bettors can expect to be provided with padel betting opportunities on the online sportsbooks in Argentina for instance. 

Additionally, bettors can expect to bet on World Padel Tour tournament which is currently the sport’s leading circuit. Fortunately, the World Padel Tour has tournaments throughout the year held in Spain, Argentina, Portugal and Dubai. 

Consequently, various tournaments such as the Estrella Damm Barcelona Master are likely to be on offer to wager on. Currently, our how to bet on pedal online betting tips say it’s likely that a few sportsbooks will provide padel betting odds. However, we will be sure to update bettors on the leading sites offering the best odds on the sport. In the meantime, bettors can head on over to 1xBET Sportsbook for more weird sports betting opportunities.

Get to know the top dogs and legends of padel 

If you’re looking on how to bet on padel online, you’ll definitely need to know the sport’s heavyweights. First, let’s look at the players that made a name for themselves in the world of padel. According to the online sportsbook news in Argentina, Fernando Balasteguin is the most successful padel player. 

The Argentinian holds the record for occupying the WPT no.1 spot for 16 years consecutive years. Consequently, he’s considered to be a living legend with the nickname “Messi Pedal” meaning unstoppable or unbeatable. 

Now he’s currently ranked 7 in the world rankings and is among the top players to watch this year. On the other hand, Francisco Navarro Compán is among the top dogs today in the World Padel Tour. 

The Spaniard is the currently no.1 in the World Padel Tour and rightfully so. Furthermore, Compán began his professional career in 2009. Since then, has been ranked in the top 10 WPT rankings. 

Additionally, our betting tips on how to bet on padel online have also labelled the top women in the game. One of these players is Marta Marrero Marrero who’s currently the world no.1 in the women’s World Padel Tour ranking. 

How to bet on padel online
Let’s play padel!

The former WTA player made a switch to padel in 2013. Fortunately, she was able to make a name for herself in the sport with 23 tournament titles. Furthermore, another player to keep an eye on when padel odds will be available on sites such as 1xBET Sportsbook is Marta Ortega Gallego. 

She is the current  World Padel Tour world no.2  with 10 career tournament titles. 

Padel at the Olympics? 

According to our betting tips on how to bet on padel online, padel is not yet an Olympic sport. In the past, padel’s lack of worldwide popularity and participation affected their Olympic chances.

Consequently, with active participation from Argentina and Spain, padel lost its appeal to make it to the international competition. Additionally, the sport failed to meet IOC criteria requirements for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics and later the Paris Olympics. 

Consequently, sites such as 1xBET Sportsbook will be hoping to offer possible padel odds for the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics. 

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