How To Bet On Roman Chariot Races In The 21st Century

Posted: October 8, 2020

Updated: October 9, 2020

It had everything. The thrill of chariots, the power of horses and the possibility of horrific deaths. It’s precisely what we need to cheer up these bleak days of ours. However, anyone seeking to discover how to bet on Roman Chariot races will be disappointed. They don’t really have them anymore. So, if we want to see online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 offering this sort of exciting wager once more we’ll need to get it off the ground again, and here’s how to do it.

1. Build An Arena

There are, alas, relatively few Roman arenas left. None of them really suitable for holding an event of this nature. So, if you want to know how to bet on Roman Chariot racing the first thing you’ll need to do is build one. The biggest in the ancient world held 200,000 people so you’ll require a sizeable plot of land. Former shopping malls, derelict golf courses, and aging airfields are all possible locations. Remember; You can always start small and add more seating later.

2. Create Some Chariots

You’ll notice when learning how to bet on Roman Chariot races that the animal rights people will go absolutely mental. So using horses is probably out. Fortunately, our modern world has a solution in the form of motorcycles. Simply link four together, tether them to a lightweight chariot, and Robert’s your mother’s brother. You’ll just have created perhaps the most exciting bet on sports in the UK. One Bet365 couldn’t resist. The odds on chariot races would be hugely popular.

3. Organize The Teams

This is important. The ancient world had four. They were color-coded for ease. However, modern fans expect a little more. Those learning how to bet on Roman Chariot races will have to offer a greater depth of experience. The model to copy is probably that of the Indian Premier League. Attracting massive enthusiastic crowds, the odds on the IPL are closely followed. It’s a marvelous commercial success to emulate, despite some of the teams having very strange names.

How To Bet On Roman Chariot Races
Good luck!

4. Gain Sponsors

This is vital to ensure commercial success. Sure, those seeking how to bet on Roman Chariot races will find it tricky, to begin with. However, the guaranteed popularity, and untold free publicity the alarmist tabloids will provide, means that should get easier over time. Try car insurance companies or even online betting sites in the UK like Bet365. They sponsor Stoke. So why not a mass of men and machinery moving far too fast around corners? It might be a winner. 

5. Attract TV Coverage

Obviously, once it gets going lots of people will want to know how to bet on Roman Chariot races. In order to reach this massive potential audience, you’re going to need TV coverage. Approach the cable networks first. You can bet on the BBC is far too squeamish for something so cutting edge. Naturally, there’s plenty of scope for online and digital media dissemination. Explore this avenue but don’t neglect legacy media. They have a hotline to the nation’s soul.

6. Bribe Health & Safety Officials

You’ll find this lamentably impossible to avoid. At least you will after the first few charioteers have been smeared over the walls. Or trampled. Or decapitated. Two tabloid headlines and the health and safety gnomes are definitely going to want a word with you. At this point, you can either fight a long legal battle over the rights of man to risk himself or bribe them. Those just setting out learning how to bet on Roman Chariot races may find the latter easier. It’ll certainly be a lot cheaper. 

7. Run The Book

This is the final stage for those learning how to bet on Roman Chariot races. One facet of the necessary commercial success will be on site betting. UK gambling laws make provision for such, so it’ll be a breeze. Just remember to hire some decent odds compilers. The hoards of fanatical supporters will all want to back their favorite team. So make sure they can. Easily, quickly and often. That way you won’t be gambling yourself investing in this crazy sport.  

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We take a look at how to bet on Roman Chariot races in our modern world.

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