Halloween Betting Picks – Top Betting Markets For 2023 October


Posted: September 25, 2023

Updated: September 25, 2023

  • How to bet on UFOs and politicians
  • The worst movies and best songs
  • Halloween betting picks

Today we have collected some of the most valuable Halloween betting picks. This means that you are going to get to experience the spooky season with either amazing gambling games, or interesting betting lines. You will find all sorts of frights among the betting sites this year. From the UFOs to the political betting markets in the United States. They surely aren’t connected. Or are they?

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Today I am going to talk about our Halloween betting picks. Because next week we are going to enter a spooky month. While many cultures don’t celebrate Halloween, thanks to the internet we can always participate in some of the most Halloween activities. Including the special bets and events at the online gambling sites in Ireland.

While we are not likely going to have a real ghost to bet on. At the same time, we have many horrifying events which already have a betting market confirmed. Furthermore, we also collected some interesting events that are going to happen near Halloween, just in case someone wants to bet on real sports and events over funny props.

UFO Bets – Halloween Betting Picks

Let’s start with the spookiest bet available right now. We have a whole topic dedicated to UFO bets and predictions. Lately, we have more and more evidence released about the aliens. From the supposed ancient remnants of an alien body to many UFO sightings that are still left unexplained. To delude the horrifying topic, betting sites offer interesting wagers on these topics.

For example, we can bet on the color of the first living alien to arrive on our planet. Furthermore, we can bet on aliens to invade a country. Finally, we can also bet on which celebrity will be kidnapped by the Aliens. – Can you blame the aliens for wanting to kidnap Zack Effron? Jokes aside, this market is fully available at 22BET Sportsbook right now.

UFO-s coming in Halloween

End Of The World

If you are one of the doomsayers, then this bet was probably made for you! Of course, you can always just distract these theories by playing some of the best slots for Halloween 2023. But let us be honest, what would fit into the Halloween betting picks better than a wager on the end of the world? This is a rather humorous betting line. Because whoever wins, will no longer live to tell the tale, and to spend the money.

If you want to bet on it, I highly recommend wagering as little as you can. But at the same time? You can always save the betting slip and have it printed and put on your wall. If you are the type of person to put out Star Wars posters and figurines, then this betting slip can be a fun part of your collection. 

US Politics – Halloween Betting Picks

What can be more terrifying than US politics? According to the New York Times, there are 13 Republican candidates, 3 Democrats, and 1 for the third party. This can indicate many things about the outcome. For once, we have a boom for Republican candidates. And it could result in chaos just like the Hungarian opposition.

See, even though there are 4 times more Republicans than democrats, it means that the republican voters are going to be distributed greatly. While democrat voters will only divide by three. This is an unpredictable chaos pendulum. And we see the return of the Kennedy, Trump, and Biden names on the list.

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100% match bonus up to €122

Claim 22BET's 100% match bonus up to €122. 18+. New customers only. Valid for 7 days. Wagering requirement is 5x in accumulator bets. Minimum deposit €1. General T&C apply.

Triple J’s Hottest 100

I know what you are thinking. How in the hell does a music playlist get to be among the Halloween betting picks? Well, it seems this year is especially demonic. Because we have artists such as Doja Cat releasing songs such as “Paint the Town Red” or “Demons”. Furthermore, one of the leading songs on the list is called Vampires. Enough said about the spooky themes, yeah?

According to ABC, the leading song on the list is Flume feat. MAY-A – Say Nothing right now. This song feels like a typical pop song, sort of like Lorde, WILL.I.AM and Justin Bieber mixed. If you want to change the list by the end of the year, you should start streaming your favorite spooky songs on Spotify right now!

Doja Cat Demons

Golden Raspberry Awards – Halloween Betting Picks

Yet another award, filled with gore, fright, and cringe. The Razzies, more commonly known as the Golden Raspberry Awards seeks to honor the worst movies of all time. No, this isn’t about making fun out of beginners. Rather, they ridicule millionaire producers and actors for creating underwhelming, horrible content. I believe that one of the possible winners this year might be Travis Scott’s ‘experimental movie’.

Experimental, in their dictionary means that it is going to give you eye cancer with the infrared colors. However, there is one more movie worthy of the award. This is the degenerate gore, Winnie The Pooh Blood and Honey. I saw little movies that managed to make me feel as mixed about our world as this one. And it is the perfect Halloween movie to watch.

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Claim 22BET's 100% match bonus up to €122. 18+. New customers only. Valid for 7 days. Wagering requirement is 5x in accumulator bets. Minimum deposit €1. General T&C apply.

Qatar Grand Prix Winner

Don’t worry. This isn’t anything terrifying, nor are we going to say anything witty about it. However, it is among the Halloween betting picks, because this is going to be the second Qatar Grand Prix. Which is going to happen near Halloween and the betting is already available. If you are interested in sports instead of funny, but realistically meaningless bets.

Then probably the QGP is the best sports event for you. According to Formula 1, the event begins on the 8th of October. However, the 6th of October is going to be the first practice. And as we can expect, Max Verstappen will probably win the event once more. What a year for a legend, huh? It is a nightmare for the other drivers.

Zombie driver

Where To Bet On These Markets?

You know which are our Halloween betting picks. The final thing left to be done is to learn how to bet on them. You don’t have to do more than just register and use the browse function to find these or alternative betting props. This is a trustworthy website available in most parts of the world. Therefore, Halloween is no longer exclusive to Americans. Take the following steps to find yourself on the airing page, where you can register and place your first bets.

  • Register at 22BET Sportsbook
  • Once at the heading page, clock on the sports section at the top
  • Now you can proceed to the left sidebar
  • This is where you can browse categories by icons, or use the search bar
  • Click on the odds you wish to wager on and purchase your betting slip
  • Wait until the event concludes to withdraw cash if you win.

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