Here are 2 of the Best NFL Games to Bet on This Week

Raiders vs Colts NFL

There are a number of important matches taking place this week, but here are 2 of the best NFL games to bet on this Saturday with Intertops.

Indianapolis Colt vs. Oakland Raiders

The success of the Oakland Raiders this season is one of the most talked-about stories in the NFL. After more than a decade of coaching changes and lackluster performances, they are now one of the top teams in the league, and are one of the top five favorites to win the Super Bowl, according to most online sportsbooks in the US.

Week 16 Betting Odds

  • Oakland Raiders – 1.52
  • Indianapolis Colts – 2.65
  • ——————————
  • New York Jets – 8.75
  • New England Patriots – 1.06

The Indianapolis Colts are facing arguably the best teams they’ve faced this season when they play against the Raiders. They have not necessarily had a bad season this year, but not a great one either. Their record stands at 7-7 thus far, with their most impressive win coming against the Green Bay Packers in early November.

Oakland is no doubt favored to win this game. QB Derek Carr is one of the front runner for MVP this season, and if he can continue to play like he has the Raiders may very well be vying for their first Super Bowl trophy since 2003. The Colts will be hoping to hold onto their slight chance of making the playoffs on Saturday. If they lose against Oakland, this chance may be over.

The success of the Oakland Raiders make them the significant betting favorites to win this game. Intertops lists their odds to win at 1.52. The Colts are one of the biggest NFL underdogs of the week with odds of 2.65. There are a number of great NFL games to bet on this weekend, but the Raiders vs. Colts might just be the most exciting.

New York Jets vs. New England Patriots

Speaking of best teams in the NFL, the New England Patriots have earned their spot in the top rankings by winning 12 of their 14 career games. Tom Brady returning after his short deflate-gate suspension brought new life into the team, and they are now the Super Bowl betting favorite.

Tom Brady NFL

Tom Brady became the most successful QB in NFL history this year (photo: Jim Rogash-Getty Images)

The Jets have had a much different season, going 4-10 and sitting at the bottom of the AFC East rankings. One of the few positives that Jets fans are taking away this season is the emergence of wide receiver Robby Anderson. The undrafted free agent has been one of the busiest offense players in the league lately, with a total of 29 targets and an average of 17 yards per pass over his past three games.

What makes the Patriots vs. Jets one of the best NFL games to bet on this week is the fact that they have played once before, and it was actually quite competitive. The game was tied up until the final few minutes but New York eventually lost 22-17. If they can play a similar game with a slightly improved defense, they can make US gambling news and get the victory.

Regardless of how close the last game was, most NFL betting experts are giving the Jets almost no chance to win on Saturday. You can bet on the Patriots coming into the game in top form, as just two more wins will earn them the home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The Jet’s odds to beat the Patriots currently sit at 8.75, while the Patriots odds to win sit at a cool 1.06.

Do you think these are the two best NFL games to bet on this week? Who do you think wins them? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below, and make sure to check out Intertops for a full list of week 16 NFL betting odds and outright online NFL betting lines!

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