Here are 3 of the Most Likely Super Bowl Scenarios

Brady vs. Ryan NFL

The Falcons and Patriots will face off in just over a week. Here are 3 likely Super Bowl Scenarios that you can bet on taking place.

Super Bowl LI is set to take on February 5th, and many NFL betting experts are having a tough time picking the winner. Both the Falcons and Patriots have been on absolute tears as of late, and no one knows how the two teams will fare against each other. Let’s look at what could happen.

The Patriots Win by Over 30 Points

The New England Patriots are seen as the Super Bowl betting favorites by almost all online sportsbooks in the UK. They went 14-2 over the season, and 8-0 at home. Tom Brady continues to be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, regardless of how inflated the ball is.

2017 Super Bowl Betting Odds

  • New England Patriots: 20/33
  • Atlanta Falcons: 27/20

Now, NetBet Sportsbook allows their members to bet on the total team points. The odds for the Patriots to score over 30 points is set at 20/33. Interestingly, their odds to score under 30 points are the same at 20/33.

Why is this one of the more likely Super Bowl scenarios this year? Simply put, the Patriots are a better team. There’s no doubt the Falcons have one of the best offenses in the league, and Matt Ryan may be the MVP this year, but they are not as well rounded as New England, and won’t be able to stop the running game of LeGarrette Blount.

The First Points Scored Will be a Field Goal

It’s always tough to predict how the first points of a game will be scored, but you can bet on the Super Bowl’s first points being made from a field goal this year. Both teams will be fresh in the first quarter, and their defenses will be able to stop a touchdown.

Matt Bryant NFL

Matt Bryant could be the first player to score a point this Super Bowl (photo:

Whichever wins the coin toss will be able to push far enough down field to get within field goal range, and will score for the game’s first points. Both Matt Bryant and Stephen Gostkowski are very skilled, and will likely be key players during the game.

With NetBet Sportsbook, you can bet on how the first points will be scored. A touchdown has odds of 10/21, a field goal’s odds is at 6/4, and anything else has odds of 45/1. Any of these could be considered likely Super Bowl scenarios, but we at GamingZion feel the first points will come from a kick.

The Most Points Will Come in the First Half

As we said before, both of these teams have incredible offenses. As the game progresses, the superior defense of the Patriots will stop the Falcons from scoring, and New England will begin to pull ahead. With that in mind, it seems like the most likely Super Bowl scenarios involve more points coming in the first half of the game.

Now, it wouldn’t exactly make UK gambling news if this prediction is wrong, and the Falcons actually gain the momentum heading into the second half. Matt Ryan has shown an impressive ability to maintain a high pace throughout the game. The elite game of Malcom Butler and Cyrus Jones will stop this from happening, and allow New England to move ahead on the scoreboard.

The odds are very close here. The most points being scored in the first half is set at 1/1, a draw is at 17/2, and more points being scored in the second half are set at 10/11.

What do you think are some of the most likely Super Bowl scenarios taking place? Who do you think wins next Sunday? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below, and make sure to check out NetBet Sportsbook for a full list of great Super Bowl betting odds!

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