The Last Episode of the Rivalry Between Nadal and Federer?

Nadal Federer Rivalry Australian Open Final

The rivalry between Nadal and Federer is about to be closed down. It’s likely that it is going to be the last Roger v Rafa Grand Slam final. Which legendary tennis player will win possibly the last Nadal v Federer final at Australian Open 2017?

Online sportsbooks in Australia expected Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic to be the shiniest stars at Australian Open 2017 and make it to the final. However, the two favourites were knocked out at early stages and two legendary tennis players came up as favourites to win Australian Open 2017: Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal.

Federer defeated Wawrinka in the semi-finals

Federer faced his compatriot, Stan Wawrinka in the semi-finals so it was sure that one Swiss player will play the final. Tennis fans from earlier generations could only hope for Roger to win so that they could still have a chance to see the last episode of the rivalry between Nadal and Federer, and the Swiss legend did not take away that chance: he won against Wawrinka in 5 sets and reached the final where he was going to face the winner of Dimitrov v Nadal.

Nadal v Dimitrov, 5-hour-long battle

The Spaniard played an epic match against the Bulgarian tennis talent. Nadal easily won the first set by 6-3, and at that ppoint, online sportsbooks thought it will be an easy game for him. However, Dimitrov won the next set 7-5, while the next set went on a tie-break which Nadal won 7-6, only for Dimitrov to equalize, also on tie-break. After that, Rafa won the last game 6-4 and qualified for the last game of the tournament, which will be played on 29 January.

Is it the last episode of the rivalry between Nadal and Federer?

Federer just came back from an injury, he missed 6 months and yet reached the final. Nadal is also constantly suffering from injuries and they are far away from being number one tennis players by now. Which is completely normal, Roger is 35, Rafa is 30 years old. Online sports betting sites like BetVictor believe that the Spanish player is favourite for Sunday’s Australian Open 2017 final as the odds for Nadal to win are 1.83 (5/6), while the odds for Federer to win Australian Open are 2.00 (1/1).

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