Here are the Two Best MLS Games to Bet on This Weekend

2017 MLS betting

Let’s take a look at a few of the best MLS games to bet on this week with one of the best online sportsbooks in the world, Intertops.

The 2017 MLS season is now well underway. Soccer fans in the US have plenty of options when it comes to wagering on the games, but here we’ll only look at a few that offer some tremendous odds to cash out.

Bet on FC Dallas vs. San Jose Earthquakes

Two of the MLS teams with the biggest fan bases will be facing off this weekend, and soccer betting experts around the world are trying to decide who to put money on. FC Dallas has looked great so far into the season, reaching the number 3 ranking with 5 wins and 4 draws. Some feel Dallas has a shot at winning the championship this year, and the team’s certainly favored to win this weekend with odds of 1.65.

San Jose has looked good themselves, but have defeated 4 times heading into the game against Dallas. They have a talented roster of players, but will need to fix some holes in their game in order to make US gambling news with a win here. The Earthquakes odds to win are set at 5.00, according to almost all online sportsbooks in the US.

Bet Minnesota United FC vs. LA Galaxy

Later in the weekend, two teams struggling to find success will be fighting to move up the rankings. Minnesota United FC has won just 3 games this season so far, and are ranked 8th out of 11 teams. LA hasn’t fared much better with only 3 wins as well. This is one of the best MLS games to bet on this week, as both teams are coming in with similar odds of 2.65 for Minnesota and 2.35 for LA.

To find more of the best MLS games to bet on this weekend, make sure to head to Intertops. Here you’ll find a massive list of 2017 soccer betting odds. Tell us who you think wins the games we listed in the comment section below!

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