You can Already Bet on the 2018 NCAAF Championship with BetVictor!

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All members of BetVictor now have the opportunity to bet on the 2018 NCAAF Championship winner, despite the regular season not starting until August.

On August 26th, the 2018 NCAAF regular season will officially begin. It will be some time before the betting lines on the first games come out, but members of BetVictor can place their bet on which team will win the championship. Let’s take a look at some of the betting favorites this year.

Bet on Alabama: 4/1

Alabama Crimson Tide is arguably the best college football team in history. They’ve won 16 national titles since their first season in 1892, and have produced a score of top players who went on to do big things in the NFL. Now, Alabama is the betting favorite to win the championship in 2018.

2018 NCAAF Championship betting odds

  • Alabama: 4/1
  • Ohio State Buckeyes: 15/2
  • USC: 15/2
  • Oklahoma 10/1
  • LSU: 12/1

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to college football betting experts. Crimson Tide made it to the national championship in 2017, and despite starting the game off with a 14-0 lead, they were eventually defeated by Clemson 35-31.

According to most analysts, Alabama has been looking great in the offseason. They have a number of young, talented players and will likely excel in the regular season. If you want to bet on the 2018 NCAAF Championship, nearly all online sportsbooks in the UK list Alabama as the favorite here with odds of 4/1.

Bet on Ohio State: 15/2

The Ohio State Buckeyes are another top team in the NCAAF right now, although they failed to make it into the championship in 2017. Still, BetVictor lists them as a series college football betting favorite to get their 9th national title this year.

Bet on Ohio State

The Buckeyes are one of the top teams in NCAAF history (photo:

Head coach Urban Meyer has been a key to this team’s success since his joining in 2012. He led the Buckeyes to a championship win in 2014. Will 2018 be the year Ohio secures the championship? It’s certainly a major possibility, and anyone looking to bet on the 2018 NCAAF championship winner should at least consider placing money on this team.

At the moment, the Buckeyes odds to win the championship this year are set at 15/2. Ohio’s roster is extremely strong this year, and they are looking like a team to watch heading into the regular season.

Bet on LSU: 12/1

The LSU Tigers have only won three championships in their history, the most recent of which came in 2007. LSU has produced a massive number of players who went on into the big leagues. In 2016, there were 42 former LSU players competing inside the NFL.

A bet on the 2018 NCAAF Championship winner is fun, and going with an underdog makes it even more exciting. The Tigers are a top team no doubt, but they would make UK gambling news if they can even make it into the finals. Their rivalry with Alabama is one of the most heated in all of sports, and it would be incredible to see these two teams facing off in the championship game.

LSU is not exactly at the top of the NCAAF championship betting odds. As we said before, the regular season will not begin until August, and it remains to be seen how they will fare in the new season. Right now, their odds to capture their 4th championship trophy are set at 12/1.

If you want to bet on the 2018 NCAAF Championship winner, make sure to head to BetVictor. Here you’ll find a massive list of college football betting odds, and a wide range of other great 2017 sports betting options.

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