Here’s the Best Site to Bet on the MLB in Japan in 2017

Japanese MLB

The Japanese are well-known for their love of baseball. Those looking for the best odds to bet on the MLB in Japan should head to NetBet Sportsbook.

The popularity of baseball throughout the world is relatively small compared to sports like football (soccer) and basketball. While most people likely think of the United States when it comes to this sport, one of the most passionate baseball countries in the world is actually Japan.

The sport was first introduced to Japan in 1872, and is considered today to be their unofficial national sport. Even Japan’s National Tourism Organization claims that “Baseball is so popular in Japan that many fans are surprised to hear that Americans also consider it their ‘national sport’.” Despite the love for this game, many are unaware of the best place to bet on the MLB in Japan. In this article we’ll answer that question, and list some wagers that Japanese fans can make right now.

Bet on the World Series in Japan

Perhaps the most obvious MLB bet to make in 2017 is on the winner of the World Series. As of May 2016 we’re only a couple months into the regular season, but some teams are already beginning to emerge as potential champions. The odds here are also great for those that like to bet on sports in Japan.

2017 World Series betting odds

  • Chicago Cubs: 5.00
  • Washington Nationals: 9.00
  • Boston Red Sox: 8.00
  • LA Dodgers: 12.00
  • Cleveland Indians: 7.00

Almost all MLB betting experts agree that the Chicago Cubs are the World Series betting favorites this year. They made history in 2016 by winning the championship for the first time in more than 100 years, and are expected by many to do it again. Their odds to win are set at 5.00.

The Washington Nationals are another fantastic betting option with odds of 9.00. Washington is one of the top teams in the league right now and will almost assuredly make it into the playoffs. If you want to bet on the MLB in Japan and feeling like going with an underdog, consider betting on the Texas Rangers, who’s odds to win the World Series are set at 41.00.

Bet on the individual league winners

If you’re unsure about betting on the World Series but still want to wager on some future outcomes, betting on the different league winners is a great MLB betting option. We don’t mean just betting on the American and National Leagues. With NetBet Sportsbook, you can wager on each of the individual leagues from around the United States.

Red Sox pitcher

The Boston Red Sox are the favorite to win the American League East (photo:

The American League East is one of the best to bet on in 2017, as they have a number of top teams. At the moment, the Boston Red Sox are the considerable betting favorites to win with odds of 1.90. The New York Yankees are another great option with odds of 2.80.

In terms of the National League, the Central likely holds the strongest teams. The Cubs are obviously the betting favorites here with odds of 1.21, although the St. Louis Cardinals are also playing great this season and are seen by some as a dark horse to make Japanese gambling news with a win in the World Series. The Cardinals’ odds to win their league are set at 4.00.

Bet on individual games

Throughout the regular and playoff season, members of NetBet Sportsbook can place their bets on the individual games. This might be the best way to bet on the MLB in Japan, as it offers a regular way to make money betting on baseball. You’ll find some fantastic odds here.

Take the upcoming game between the Phillies and Rangers, for example. Both these teams are mid-tier so far in the season, although the Rangers are the considerable favorites with odds of 1.47. The Phillies are a great underdog betting option with current odds of 2.75. Check out NetBet Sportsbook for a full list of 2017 MLB betting odds today!

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