Want to Bet on the Stanley Cup Winner in Canada? Here’s How You Can

Stanley Cup betting 2017

Anyone looking to bet on the Stanley Cup winner in Canada should head to Intertops, where you’ll find the best odds.

Only four teams remain in the 2017 NHL playoffs, only one of which is based in Canada. The Ottawa Senators and Pittsburgh Penguins will be playing for their shot in the Stanley Cup, while the Nashville Predators and Anaheim Ducks battle it out for the same goal.

Some great NHL betting odds are available for members of Intertops right now. Whether you want to bet on the series outcomes, the individual games, or bet on the Stanley Cup winner in Canada, this amazing online sportsbooks in Canada has everything you need.

2017 Stanley Cup winner betting odds

NFL fans around the world will tell you this has been one of the most competitive playoff seasons in recent memory. All four of the teams remaining could win the Stanley Cup this year, and the betting odds reflect that.

At the top of the odds are the Pittsburgh Penguins, who most recently defeated the Washington Capitals in a competitive series. The Penguins likely have the most well-rounded roster in the playoffs, and have odds of 2.50 to win the championship. Behind the Penguins are the Predators, who have been dominant in series wins over both Chicago and St. Louis. The Predators’ odds to win are set at 3.50.

If you’re looking to bet on the Stanley Cup in Canada and want to go with an underdog, consider going with the Ottawa Senators. Ottawa beat both Boston the NY Rangers in 4-2 series, but are the considerable underdogs to get the Stanley Cup trophy with odds of 6.00.

Bet on the NHL playoff games

From now until May 25th, the 2017 Conference Finals will be taking place. The winners of this series will be taking part in the Stanley Cup. Even the most experienced ice hockey betting experts are having a tough time predicting the outcomes here, and in many ways the best wagering option is to bet on the individual games.

2017 NHL betting

The Ducks and Predators are the last two teams remaining in the Western Conference (photo:

The lines for these games are only available a day before they begin, but don’t let that discourage you from betting. The next game will take place on May 17th between the Ducks and Predators. Although the series is currently tied 1-1, the Predators are entering as the significant NHL favorites with odds of 1.66. The Ducks’ odds to make Canadian gambling news by beating the Predators are set at 2.30.

Bet on the series outcomes

Some fantastic 2017 NHL betting options are available at Intertops right now. There are still a number of games set to go down in the conference finals, so tell us who you think comes out on top in the comment section below!

As of May 16th, both of the conference finals series are tied at 1-1. All four teams have looked phenomenal thus far in the post season, and it’s unclear at this point who will advance into the championship series.

In many ways, betting on the series outcome is just as good as a bet on the Stanley Cup winner in Canada. For whatever reason, Intertops is only listing the odds for the Predators or Ducks series right now. The odds for the Senators and Penguins will likely come out in the next few days.

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