Holland Casino Says Normal for Slot to Hit Jackpot 7 Times in 4 Months


Posted: May 20, 2011

Updated: October 4, 2017

Holland casino monopoly returned the mega millions slots which was inspected for tampering after paying out 7 top

Holland Casino, the monopoly founded under Dutch gambling laws declared that the Mega Million progressive slot which paid out the top 1 million euro jackpot an unheard of 7 times in 4 months was healthy all along.

After the weekend of April 17, when the Mega Millions Jackpot hit twice within 5 hours and for a million euro each time, was when finally the government employees at Holland Casino decided that something just possibly might be malfunctioning. The fact that since January the slot paid out almost a million euro every two week seemed perfectly normal.

But when the two jackpots fell on April 17, management knew something must be done and their jobs were at stake. The Mega Millions slot paid out more money in the past 2 years than almost all combined slot machines within the country. Yet the Dutch government workers refused to believe that their slot could have been compromised. Some gamblers playing at an online casino in Netherlands even said that the slot may be magical.

Two days ago, Holland Casino put the slot back into action and blamed the endless progressive jackpot hits on statistical variance, probabilities and the Doppler Effect. Some cretin analysts believe that it’s possible for a coin to be tossed 100 times and all one hundred times it lands on the same side without the coin being manipulated.

Yes, it is possible. It is also possible that your casino just got defrauded! Which is more likely – (a) that a magical slot machine was paying out jackpots at a rate unheard of in every casino around the world for the past two years in a row due to statistical variance; or (b) that the machine was tampered with? Please refer to Occam’s Razor to solve this complex problem.

For some reason though, according to online gambling news in Netherlands, the Holland Casino decided, when they put the magic slot back into circulation, to double the minimum deposit that triggers the progressive jackpot to € 7.50, and increase the 2nd jackpot from €100,000 to €200,000. If the casino truly believed in lucky slot machines, the price would have remained the same.

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